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Monday, April 23, 2007

Ah, first day of school.
As usual, I'm really tired of everything as I usually sleep late the day before Monday.

Worst still,
the first period was Geography.
No offence Mrs Tan, but it is really boring.
I almost fell asleep during Geog!

Lol, after geography was maths.
I was copying my maths corrections when that fucking ball-less jiajun came and shake the OHP.
I've already warned u that I'll write about u on my blog!

Everyone was so irritated!

Yan Mae: Eh, Tim teh la!
Me: Ya lor, fucker stop it la.
JiaJun: Lim peh blah blah blah, shut up Yan mae.
Me: Ball-less man stop talking so much!
Jiajun: Stop it la Gladys Ping!
Gina: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!

And here's what I "owe" him.

Description of Jiajun:
1) He's one fucking small guy who doesn't seem to be able to grow up anymore, not even 1cm.
2) He loves 3 girls in his life: The twins in 2/3 & 2/4 and of course, Ms Wong!
3) He thinks he's so cool and popular, when in fact he's a enunch(i'm so sure his dick got chopped off due to his irritatiness) and a slave to 2/7.
4) He can't stop talking.
5) He can't stop calling himself "lim peh."
For your information, lim peh means old man.
6) He tries very hard to crack lame jokes in class but nobody laughs.
7) He's always wearing that owl specs.
8) He thinks that he's a girl.
I'm your mother ah! is his favourite phrase.
9) He carries that cool zinc sling bag that doesn't even suit him at all.
10) He's always driving teachers nuts.

Look, I can even come up with 10 negative description about him!
Seriously there are no any positive comments.

And Zena was telling me about looking at people and how agitated you will get.

Zena: Look at Thomas! When you look at him, you realise that you won't get really angry. In fact, you will feel much calm or something like that.
Me: Yeah.. (nods head)
Zena: But if you look at Jiajun, you will feel so irritated!
Me: YES! (claps hands)

And so on so forth.

During Mother Tongue lessons,
Jiawen & I went to the toilet.
We did our business and came out of the cubicle when potianak-like looking girls ran into the toilet.
Bloody hell, it was so damn freaky!
Lol, their cheeks were super red covered with red blusher and white pressed powder.
I think they wore fake eyelashes too!

I want to buy a set of fake eyelashes but of course,
it must not be made of plastic.
Like this set the 'potianaks' were wearing.

After school,
everyone ate our lunch and took our maths test.
It was raining cats and dogs, and many of them were falling asleep.
Lol, I was disturbed by the thunder and the sudden flash of lightning.
So I think I'll fail for this paper.

Then, we went to whitesands as Aqilah had some business to do.

We went to the kopitiam, leaving Aqilah alone.
I ate spaghetti!

After eating finish,

Thadsha came and squash the yolk which I don't usually eat.
The poor hen had a hard time laying eggs

Tsktsk, several minutes later,
Thadsha got a call from Zena.
Lol, only did I learnt that Thadsha had a affair behind my back!

"Bye bye Gladys.. I don't want you anymore!"

Haiz, I was so sad!
But I found something nice to cheer me up!

Isn't it nice?

After chatting with Zena at the library,
Thadsha, Steph and I went to the toilet.
Before we couldn't even enter it,
we can't help but look at the new shops.

We peeped in and guess what we saw?

We need not travel to far places like TM to take neos anymore!

We were so excited that we decided to take a picture of ourselves!

Plus plus plus, new arcade! :D

Oh my, I'm so looking forward to the opening of the neoprint shop!
We can take neoprints everyday!
If we have enough money.

After all the nonsenses,
we decided to go toilet.

As I've said, we just can't stop camwhoring in the toilet!

Heh, after that Aqilah came over and joined us.
She looked pretty emo.

Lol, after picking our books that we wanted to borrow,
we went to More than Words and I bought a Snoopy notebook and a pair of earstud.

Great news, I just got my third earhole!
Hiphip HOORAY!

Don't be jealous okay?

Its totally not 'painful' at all.

Anyway, my snoopy notebook is SUPER DUPER cute!

Want to order burgers?

After admiring my notebook,
I went to the window and peeked out at the peaceful life.

I just can't resist taking photos of the scenery when I look out of the window.

Maybe I'm happy now.

I have not receive any sms from him today.

When will you sms me?
Have you forgotten about me, yrret?

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