A rare opportunity

Monday, April 30, 2007

It's such a rare opportunity to see me taking pictures of myself without specs.
But I had to experiment it with my new.. FAKE EYELASHES!

Lol, it sounds pretty disgusting but the whole process is totally cool!

Maybe I shouldn't share the photo with you.
Okay, maybe I should.
But you should see the eyelashes!
It's very very very pretty with diamonds on it! :D

Tadaah! It's so pretty isn't it?

Okay, can you see my eyelashes? It's super duper long! :D

Lol, I got the fake eyelashes at Bugis Street, which cost me about $3.90.
It's quite expensive, but it's worth the money.

After that, Stephanie and I went around to find our desired Ink shoulder bag.
The shop at whitesands, 80 percent is always out of stock. Grr!

But after we walk about a few rounds,
we finally found it which is located around the first few shops!
We could have noticed it but I guess we were just blur xD

The girl at the shop was a million times nicer than the butch at whitesands.
She even gave us a discount!
The usual price was $35.90 but after the discount, it was only 30 bucks.
She even teached us how to clean our bag using medicated oil.

I wanted to buy black but there were no stocks, so I ended up buying the white one, which is pretty nice too!
She gave me a new one but I rejected it cos the thing had fallen off.
She gave me another one , and AGAIN I rejected it cos the handle was sort of dirty or torn.
She gave me another one, (good gracious)
and I couldn't bear to reject it.

Though it was a little bit dirty,
I accepted it and paid la.

After that, steph and I reached home at 7.45pm which was nearly 8.00pm.

I followed the girl's instructions and took my brother's medicated oil and wipe the dirty part off,
and guess what?

My bag was super shiny afterwards.

Lalalalala~ :)

I get to save my remaining 20 bucks for myself :)
Thanks to the good jiejie at the bugis street's ink shop.
I'll never forget her!!

And here'some photos I took while going to bugis/ at bugis's Mos Burger shop.

~End of post <3 ~

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