Speech Day was SHIT

Saturday, April 14, 2007


it was totally great, for thadsha!
Aha, 1 cm away.

that fucker loh keeps blaming me for everything.
Then I got quite fed-up, so i placed my hands on my hips.
Guess what he say?

"You better put your hands down."

I swear I was going to kick his fucking balls!

Weimin and I kept pointing our middle finger behind his back.
Lol, it was funny.

I hope this will help to explode the control room.

Weimin made this out of wires! :D

Beginning soon..

Remember, nothing would function properly without the PA crews.

My shoe :D

I tied two ponytails! yay!

The glamorous night.

VIPS choking themselves to death. -smirks-

When night falls..

Yes mr loh,
Sad to say this but I'm terribly unhappy in PA.
Tried to ask you for a change but you didn't allow me to.
And yes, you caused all this for yourself sir.
You've only got yourself to blame for.
You caused chaos, unhappiness and quarrels.
The main cause of everything.

And, fuck you.

But after speech day,
Went home to eat my favourite chu mee fen :)
Yes, that cheered me up after all the shitty experiences.

After that,
Dad and Mom brought my brother and I to Giant.
Lol, we bought a lot of things and ended up spending $200.
I just threw anything that looks nice into the trolley and my dad was furious of course.

Cuties for sale! :D

I like this ;_;

Giant's closing soon.. 11.30pm

Cashiers fast at work, can't wait to go home ;)

Heh, the perfumes I bought! Thanks daddy~

Sorry for the lack of photos of the outing to Giant,
I couldn't take too many pictures over there because there was this signboard that says that
can't take pictures..
So yeah.. :)

Hahas, I bought a SilkyGirl's pressed powder too.
It was so cheap!
The usual price was 7.90 but it was on offer, $5.90.
Can't resist to buy it.
Sigh, I need to buy more things..

Oh by the way,
who's interested in HelloKitty stufftoys?

Hello Kitty is not just a trend for children,
but also for teenagers and adults too ^^
Selling them at a price of $3-$4 each.

**Brand New! ( Still in its package ) **

The boy version of HelloKitty ( Daniel )

Email me at desperatefor.glamour@gmail.com if you are interested in my hellokitty stufftoys. Thanks! :D

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