Strangers at your sympathy.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jiawen threatens to post my horribly taken photos on her blog.

okay that was over dramatic.
I DID NOT cry :)

"YESSSSSSSSSSSS! PLS!" she laughed, with a evil snicker.

See la, the laughing queen is so evil.
But of course, I still love her! :D

Queens are meant to be evil.

Lol anyway, as my memory is still fresh, I wanna blog about today!
It has been centuries that I've been laughing so crazily in school!
Thanks to :


These three women always make me laugh like mad!

We had CIP today, and were selling jellies, candies, cookies and cheesecake etc.
It was so fun! :D

The jellies didn't have much customers, so what to do?

Go around and advertise la!

I named it 'Wobble Wobble Jelly' and 'Nana Jelly'.

The WWJ were quite popular cos I lied to them that it can make their face more beautiful.
Aiya, they bought it and I saw some of them going to the mirror and check their face.

Lol bodohs, not so fast okay!
Anyway, its not true. But if you have bought it, good for you.
If no, fuck you!

The nana jellies were 'said to fight off cancers. '
Which is totally not true of course.

Where got jellies that can really fight off cancers?!
If it really exist, I'd buy one million of them!

But thank god, many people bought them not because they really thought that it can fight off cancers of course, -.-
they were flattered by my compliments for saying them young and pretty blah blah blah.

If not I reassure you that nobody will buy it!

anyway, I have to blog about this matter,
with a fucking damn big font.

2/4 is filled with immature brats with empty vessels!

I suggest them to use their brain to think about it first before putting all the blame to us la.
It's their fault for taking our place right!

C'mon, I asked one of the disgusting malayish girls and she gave me the dumbest answer I've ever heard!

Me : Eh, you know hor this is our place leh, yesterday you all were over there."
Dumbo*: Really ah?? Yesterday we were over there leh! ( pointing to our place )
Me : Yesterday's arrangement la! That was our place!!
Dumbo: No eh, yesterday i remember clearly that THAT WAS OUR PLACE.
Me : fuck you.
Dumbo: huh?!
Me: -smiles sweetly- nothing :)

* Name changed to protect that dumb girl's identity.

Okay, tell me. Is this the dumbest answer you've ever heard??
Yesterday I saw her standing at her own class's position, selling her disgusting coke float thinggy. As if anyone will buy after seeing that!!!!

After that, I told thadsha what happened and she was frustrated of course.
Then she went to the Dumbo and whispered " kanina!"

Lol, I guess the girl heard it cos she turned over and looked at thadsha.
Shortly after we returned to our booth,
that DUMBO whispered to her classmates something and gave us the evil look!

Fuck, I swear I was going to dig out her eyes that moment.

Then, she and her malayish disgusting friends shouted,
" 2/7 sucks!"


Okay, that wasn't the end of it.

One of the 2/4 girls' sister spilled the gassy drink,
and the 2/4 girls quickly turned to us and pointed their finger at us.

"Oi you spilled our drink!"

What the fuck? We did not even fucking touch their horrible drink and they just blame us like that? Cibai brainless people!

They insisted that Darren was the one who spilled the drink and afterwards,
we were shouting at each other ( 2/4 and 2/7 ) at the top of our lungs.

Aqilah cried! I was so damn angry la.
Nabei they anyhow blame us like that.
Is the disgusting sister with that horrible patch of birthmark push one right!

I bet if we called Mr Razak here, they could chicken out of course la!
Because they are the most horrible class in the 2007 Sec 2 cohord.

Hmph, some brainless people in NA who doesn't use their brains.
( Not all in NA la. Some of them are really sweet and nice :D )

I don't hate all the 2/4 students.
Just more of the malayish girls who put eyeliners everyday to school.
Psst, they looklike potianak! EEks!

Yeah, so thats why people should not offend 2/7.
We are so kind and helpful and does not pick up a fight unless forced to.
Lol, I'm bragging about my class!
But it's true la.

I love 2/7, the class of horny angels! :D

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