Thrice happiness in a row! :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Guess what?

I got out of that fucking TAF club!

Congratuations Gladys,
Congratuations Gladys,
Congratuations GLADYS!

Come on,
I ain't supposed to in that club anyway.
They just took my height and weight wrongly,
thats why I WAS in TAF club 6 hours ago :)


I am still F-A-T!

So from now on,
I'm on a diet,
andand also will be concentrating on my work from now onwards.
Because my studies are totally dropping,
dammit :/

Just chop off my head, will you?
Because everyone know that I can't possibly concentrate at all!

But anyway,


That's totally a fucking big and great achivement,
because it seems that I always fail.

Looking forward to standing broad jump! :D
The best one among all the NAFA tests.

I managed to pass my NAFA test,
thanks to:

Aqilah, Stephanie and Jiawen!! :)

They are simply my motivators!
Thank you my darlings!

But I can't help laughing when I run beside Aqilah sometimes.

And today,
I skipped CCA!
Yeah, I know it's wrong of me to do that.
But it just feel so right, for once.

Let me face the music someday.
I'm still young, give me time to learn.
Such a long way ahead of me..

I do not have to face that MR LOH.
And, I won't get to blamed for everything.

I wanna join St.Johns! :D
Lol, I like the way they march and they behave.
So well-disciplined and when they march,
it's like so.. perfect.

And finally,
I bought my Clairol conditioner!
With a pink container, damn I love it! :)

I wanted to buy the Clairol Herbal Essences Fruit Fusion Hydrating Conditioner with Avocado.
For oily/dry hair, like mine.
But in the end, there were no stock for it so ended up buying the pretty pink one.

Heh, anyway I wanna try to wash my hair using the conditioner now,
and also eat the zhu za tang that my mum made for me,
so, goodbye all! :D

PS.Skunky, SUCKS.

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