At least comment once!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hey people.
Let me know you're here, reading my blog alright?

What's the "comments" below every post doing for?

For all of you to comment and tell me how I can improve to make this blog a better place for you and me!

Don't just read and after that, alt-f4.
That's simply rude of you to do that!

At least, comment once!

I feel so.. abandoned when I see "0 comments" at every post.

You don't have to pay when commenting right!
You don't have to write your real name when commenting also!

Sigh :(
Today, I don't know why I was so angry

Most probably I've slept at the wrong side of my bed.
Or moodswing.. because my menses is coming?

This is getting more and more hilarious.
My menses seems that it will come only at every alternate months.

This month it didn't come, but last month it came.
Now, it's only 5 hours and 20 minutes to 1st of June! Which is another new month! And after that, my menses will come that following day. I'm so abnormal, but not as abnormal as Thadshaa! :)

And I'm so sorry that I vented my anger out on you, little brother. Hope you don't hold it against me. I love you, my beloved little brother! :)

PS. Hey, I'll not be attending the Structured Programme tomorrow though I'll be in school. I have to report for PA duty (Combined SYF Choir) . If any of my 2/7 classmate is reading this, please pass the message to Ms Kamath so she'd not mark me as absent tomorrow! Thanks!

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