Monday, May 14, 2007

Warning : A long post about my true feeling that I've been keeping for many many years...

What's the second most important thing other than kinship?


Yes, let me repeat.


Looking back at my past, I realised that I have different several best friends that I hanged out everyday with. Take Kailin for example. She's already my 7/8 years best friend and our friendship is still going strong :)

And, there's her little sister, Kailun whose also my 7 years best friend.

And yes, Tay Ying is my best friend though I did not really see her nowadays since I'm always so busy in school. She was my kintergarden and primary best friend. But I guess people change. When I entered secondary school, we sorta.. drifted apart. And yes, I'm looking forward to a chance to build up our friendship again.

And there's Shimin and Keewei who was my Primary 1 best friend. But when we went Primary 2, Keewei and I drifted apart and we never talk anymore but I tried hard to talk to Shimin but one day, she told me something that changed our friendship forever. "I guess we should stop being best friends. I've got mine and you've got yours anyway." Yes, it hurt me a lot during that period of time. Felt like crying but there was no one to turn to. Struggled for the whole year and finally found many friends, but not a single best friend I could tell my feelings to. Because Tay Ying and Kailin were in different classes, thats why we hardly see each other.

So, when I was primary two I had no best friend in my class.

During primary three, ABC* was my best friend for a month. But I guess she didn't really like me cos she started giving me the cold shoulder afterwards.

*name changed to protect identity since she's in my secondary school

So, I hanged out with a group of friends which include Yvonne Lai and Chua, Alina and so on so forth. Guess who I hated the most in that group? I shall say it loud and proud. I hate Alina who's totally flat chested and who abused her power just because she's a fucking stuckup prefect. Yes, she bullied me and I cried to my mommy everyday. I hate school. I hate her. She often threatened me that she will write my name down on the prefect book and give it to the discipline master. That bloody bitch. I don't care if she's reading this or what, but if I get to see her on the streets again, I wouldn't mind giving her a slap and pulling her fucking ovaries out of her smelly vagina and fucking punch her fucking teeth out. Cibai woman with no fucking breast still talk so much cock. Argh.

Just then, ABC poked her nose in and requested to that bloody bitch(alina) that i must leave that group. But thank goodness, Yvonne(Lai) demanded that I must stay in that group. So it was pretty okay afterwards. But I guess our friendship got kinda out of hands and I was fed up with YL cos she wanted us to gather at the smelly girls' toilet every morning. And my mom was quite irritated and asked her why. But apparently, I guess she did not know how to differentiate between scolding and asking. Her mum called my house on that night and scolded my mum and claimed that her daughter cried. Oh whatever. Lol, she behave exactly like a dumb blonde.

Since then, we drifted apart and I hanged out with Emily until the end of the year. When I turned 10 which was Primary 4, I hanged out with Evelina who was nice and cute. She was very nice but I drifted apart from her when one day she told me, "... You're not really my best friend." From then onwards, I hated her a lot alot. Because I thought she would be my best friend, sigh. Then I hanged out with Weiqi, whom was my friend til primary six. Well, I can't really recall what happened when I was primary 4, but I think something blocked me from it because whenever I thought of my primary 4's experiences, I felt quite depressed.

And finally finally finally, I found true friends after so many years suffering in Primary school. Joelle and Weiyi!

Thank you for being there for me. You're my best friends forever, forever and forever! :D Thank you for taking away the pain and suffering that I've suffered in primary school.

Yups, and then I entered secondary school and made new friends, not forgetting Joelle and Weiyi. Thadsha, Stephanie, Jiawen, Gina, Yan Mae, Aqilah, Zena and Marinah :D
Love them to every bits!

They also helped me to regain my confidence and my real self.

A quiet, self centered, pessimistic Gladys to a cheerful and more confident Gladys :)

I can't thank you enough for everything..
All I can do is to remember all of you til I die...
I'll cherish all the times we had together..

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