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Friday, May 04, 2007

Hello there.
Wondering why I've not been blogging recently? Refer to my previous + previous post :)

Sorry to disappoint everyone but see, I'm blogging now!

Anyway, I'm not going to type every little tiny details about what happened to me for the past few days. It's going to be very tiring for me and will take away the time for me to study for my literature examinations which is due tomorrow. I'll just update with some pictures I took, ok? Apparently, my pictures can tell what happened and everything that I do. So I reassure you not to worry much.

Yesterday, (Saturday)

Went burger king with thadsha, steph and danette to study for literature. After that we went to the neoprint shop, where thadsha's bag got dirty. Went tm for dinner with them and got a terrible stomach. Reached home at 8pm. Studied literature notes that Thadsha printed out. At 1am went changi village to eat supper. XO Crab + noodle and Dim Sum. Lol, I know thats fattening. Couldn't see any ahguas over there. So sad, waste my time going there.

And one random one, taken from Thadsha's blog.

Took neoprints with nuers and hung out at whitesands to study. Had fun camwhoring with jiawen!!

*Sorry, I started this post on Friday but did not get to post it due to the lack of time :(

Update*: I missed out something that I wanted to tell everyone about this!
Paris Hilton is jailed for 45 days for breaking her probation!

It will take immediate effect from 5th june onwards. Lets all wish her luck. One and a half month in jail is definitely no party and drugs for Hilton.

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