I hate George Bush.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I know my title for this post sounds pretty cute (... not?), as if it has been written by some 5 years old kid. But, this is so goddamn true and is typed personally by me! Sue me la, Mr George Bush. Bet your dick is as bushy as your name.

I personally feels that everyone should hate him too. You know, he's old and fragile. And if he learnt that everyone hate him, he might die of a heart attack. I know this sounds cruel but, after hearing this you might change your mind.

Benefits if Mr George Bush die:

  • Everyone, and I really mean EVERYONE in the whole world gets a day off away from work/school.
  • The new president might consider to do something about the disgusting global warming and the many many many many greenhouse gases that traps heat that made us (young teens) look like a 50 years old maid!
  • Low-lying islands will not be swallowed by the ocean eg. Singapore ( think about the consequences if Singapore disappear! )
  • Polar bears will not die! ( they're the cutest animals in the whole animal kingdom.. )
  • And, the best of the best-est things that could ever happen if he die is that nobody who is named George Bush will live anymore!
Yes, he caused everything.

He caused tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados and many natural disasters to happen, just because he think that STUPID ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY can save everything.

As a president, he is being STUPID by thinking that way. What if one day, a sudden flying meteorite hit his house and I doubt technology can save him anymore.

If he's reading this, I'd would so happy because I don't ever think that he'd think that environment is important to him. Some people are just so thick-skinned. I think even if he's still lying on his deathbed, half-dead, he'd be saying this to his assistants, "Technology can save everything.." And he'd close his eyes and die, smiling to himself!

Why must people be so thick-skinned even if they've reached the edge of death? There's never a happy ending if you watch those hongkong drama shows.

Please help to spread the word! Hate George Bush as much as you can! By doing this you can save your face from turning old very fast and also, global warming!! :)

Got to go, I'm off to scrubbing the toilet now because i'm pretty Cinderella. I know I make no sense at all but I'm really going to scrub the toilet now. I'm now working part-time at my own house. 10 dollars one day. I know you (who's reading this) envy me. Because I can feel it :)

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