I love the Great Singapore Sale!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Today, we were supposed to go Sentosa but many people could not make it due to some reasons. (As I've mentioned in the previous post)

So Jiale, Thadshaa and I went to Plaza Singapura and catch the new movie, Pirates of the Carribean 3. As you know, we're always late for everything. When I left my house, it was already 11am when we we supposed to meet at that point of time.

And yeah, Thadshaa was late too. Then we went to meet Jiale, who was late! Lol.
While waiting for the train to come, we saw this woman who had big man-like looking legs and was wearing a skirt and boots, thadsha and I laughed our ass off when we saw her. Lol, we sort of disgraced ourselves in public (as usual) and quickly went into the train to avoid any stares.

Upon reaching there, there were already big blisters forming on my legs. Pain la!
But yeah, I have a high tolerance of pain and can camwhore anytime if you call me to.

Here are some of the pictures I took with them despite the big and painful blisters on my leg.

Before going into the theater, we bought drinks and popcorns.

JiaLe and I shared the Shrek set which indicated that they'd give us the Shrek paper hat!! But they did not give us! Cheat our $8! And somemore, the popcorns they gave were so miserable and little! GRRR!

Then, we went into the theater and as usual, I was talking loudly and Thadsha turned around and 'shhhh' me which was louder than my talking! Lol.

And then, we sat there for 10 minutes, watching the stupid advertisements that were showing in the theater. Suddenly, they had this advertisement that showed beaches and volleyballs and again, I predicted that it'd be Sentosa! My prediction are always very accurate and I got too excited in the cinema, and I whispered (.. or shouted?) very loudly, " SENTOSA! OMG! SEEEEEEEE!" Lol, and there's the 'shhhhhhhhhh' again.

And here's a picture that Jiale and I took in the dark!

My face look sucky here!

And in the toilet!

The movie was okay, though I did not really understand what they were talking about. I just liked the part when they kill each other and the octopus man. And when Orlando Bloom got killed by the octopus man, I was so sad okay!! :(

After watching, we went to eat Long John Silver and Thadsha embarassed herself over there! The waitress who was serving us was called Mimi, and she say, " Waa, Mimi. What the hell LOL!" And then, we kept laughing non-stop and there was this guy who stood behind me. He was listening to his mp3 and seems to be grabbing something in the air that Thadsha and I couldn't see. "Eh, look behind. See what that guy doing sia! " And then, we laughed again!

Jiale sat for 30 mins and watched us eat until she couldn't stand it anymore and said, "AHHHH! WHEN CAN U GUYS FINISH EATING??" I laughed and Thadsha and I ate our last piece of food and left. We went window-shopping until I saw Action City and ran to it!

Guess what we bought? PIG AND BUNNY!
Buy 1 get 1 free!
That makes 2 for $12!
One for $6!!!!

You just got to love the Great Singapore Sale! Things have never been so cheap!

Guess what Thadsha said about my pig?
"Yucks, I hate pigs. They're the most disgusting thing!!"

Haiya, I was so heart-broken afterwards. Then as we walked, I saw this cashier that could be only found in the olden days like the 1960s!

We walked for several minutes until Thadshaa's sister called and told her to meet her at Cityhall. Thadsha left us and Jiale and I walked around. We went Spotlight and I saw the furry thing again! This time she tried on it! I swear she look cute!

That's a wig on her hair! HAHAHAHA!!

By the time it was already 5.50pm. We decided to leave and took a picture of our pigs again :)

And yeah, we shared some things that we've experienced in life on the MRT. Well, nuer remember to follow my advice okay! :)

You know what, I might consider entering the competition of Camwhore Queens.
I'm just too zilian !!!!!

I guess that's all for today.

By the way, I'm sorry tht I didn't post the pictures of the Venus thinggy that I've mentioned in my previous post. I promise I will, someday. Haha (:

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