I want to pierce my nose! D:

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I told Thadsha about it.

And she told me,
"gladys.. i love u the way u r.. & im sure hu eva loves u, lovbe u the way u r"

I replied her,
"but i dont love me. me suck."

Sigh, I really want to pierce my nose! ):
It seems to be so pretty, on other people. Well, maybe it doesn't look pretty on me but I just want to see how I'd look! If it doesn't look nice, I can always take the stud out and let the hole close :)

Maybe I should think about it first before making such a decision like piercing my nose..

Well nevermind,
I shall start this post, happily and cheerfully today :)

Yesterday was Saturday and we brought the little kids to the Farmart Centre. I woke up at 7am and made it a point to leave the house at 8.15am, but as you know I'm always as slow as ever. Sometimes when I walked with my grandma, she could even walk faster than me. Sigh, how am I going to survive in the adult's world when I can't do anything right and fast?

Well, I waited for Stephanie at the bus stop and saw Jia Le and Charlene. They joined me, waiting for Stephanie. Though it was already 8.35 but I think we're not late at all, are we? As long as the teachers don't open their mouth and scold us, we're always right and early. Just joking :)

Yeah, we sat there for a boring 1 hour and set off later. So guess what we did for that past 1 hour? Tying other people's hair, blowing bubbles, playing with stuff toys can really kill time. Soon, we got up on the bus and I made a lot a lot of noise with Thadsha. As usual. The fun will never end with Thadshainiy! HAHAHAHAHA :D

we are so damn cute.

I know I look horrible but I was cleaning my specs mah!

Me & Thadsha

Upon reaching the farm, I could not hold my excitement anymore and quickly ran down to see the farm. Though smelly, the scenery to me was really nice. Then we had to sit down and a old man, claiming to be Uncle William begun his long and boring talk about stupid chicken that we weren't that interested in. He keep talking about his chickens and how many eggs it can lay. Go geylang and find chicken la.

Everyone's looking so bored. -yawns-

"This ah, my chicken la!"

"They laid so many eggs because I f-ked them!!"

And so, he continued his boring talk.. Blah Blah Blah.. While I took pictures around me..

The cute shop!

I love the wheel! :D

Thadsha was sleeping while 'listening' to the talk.

Even this baby was bored.

He only looked at the uncle for a second but looked at me for a minute! ;)

After his talk, it was quiztime. As usual, all the little kids were excited and raised their hands to answer the questions. The consolation prizes were 15 eggs while the grand prize was 100 eggs! Well, for the first time in that farm, I got really excited. But I didn't listen to his talk. But.. one of my babes did! JIAWEN! :D
She got the grand prize and we were so happy that we cheered VERY VERY loudly for her!

The winner! I'm so proud of my jie! :D

The 100 eggs! Yummy! -oops =x -

Yeah, and after that was Treasure Hunting, but it was more like a food fair because everywhere we go, there seems to be food and I just can't stop myself from eating them. I didn't know what we had to find, so I just went to look at the birds that the Uncle William was talking about just now.

Yeah, Jiawen and I keep trying the don't know what ball but it was simply lovee! :D
Delicious, and nice-smelling too! Then we walked and walked, until some of the beautiful flowers over there caught my eyes. And I took a snapshot of them, "Click!"

It seems peaceful, doesn't it? :D

Well, actually I don't really have to elaborate everything. I'll just upload all the photos I took due to time constraint, ok? :)

Yeah, the slimy and green thing belongs to Jiawen. Lol, disgusting!! xD

Yups. And the following night, daddy wanted to bring me to Whitesands Popular to buy Science Assessment as I failed my Science again. T__T But in the end, there were too many people so we went to Simei. The first shop that my brother and I wanted to go was Pet Safari. We saw so many chic chic puppies! :D

Apparently from all the excitement that we had, my daddy was feeling hungry and he shooed us away from Pet Safari to have dinner at the HongKong restaurant. We then went Watsons to shop. Hee, I saw this super cute pink puppy stufftoy and hugged it for quite a while. And guess what my daddy said?
"Aiya, nevermind for once I'll buy this for you."

MIRACLE! He never bought any stufftoy for me before because to him, stufftoys are ugly and expensive. Now, my pink puppy plushie that I've purchased is so big and is bigger than a 8 years old kid! I hugged it last night and fell asleep.

PS. And guess what? I didn't buy the Science Assessment in the end. Lol.

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