Love is such a strange thing.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Love is indeed a strange thing.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, but my dad brought us and we ate seafood to celebrate an early Mother's Day. And my aunt and I were discussing about yrret. Lol, she also talked about her love life, which i totally agreed.

Love is blind.

I know she's worried that I'm still young, and I really appreciate that :)
But, somehow I know what I'm doing. I'm not good with my mouth, but writing down my thoughts are totally okay. Though I don't know what yrret is doing now, but I trust him. Trusting.. Ah, thats a very sacred thing in relationships. What's the point of being together when both of them suspect each other everyday?

Anyway, I'm going malaysia for a week and I'm going to see him soon! I can't wait to be in his arms.. :D

Okay back to the dinner, whining like a 5 years old kid has proven that I'm still immature and childish. Daddy didn't want to bring me to IKEA to see the vintage lamps and I whined throughout the dinner. Sigh, I wanted to buy that vintage-looking lamp that I saw at one of the Marina Square's shop :(

Well, after all the whining I was angry of course.

My mum realised it and tried her best to cheer me up.

"I bought some titbits."
"Let's have a party tomorrow."
"... Yeah right."

That was totally a lie, of course. She just can't stop lying for goodness's sake. Grr, but after the second try, she managed to make me a little bit happier.

"Hey, I just got a box of strawberry icecream. It's delicious."
"Wanna try after we reach home?"
".. Okay."

Which was true.
The strawberry ice-cream did make me so much happier and tasted like heaven.

It's totally creative and special.
Strawberry containing vanilla ice-cream in it, heaven.

Oh, this is so glam :D

And yes, of course.

Heh, strawberry flowers anyone?


Sweetness, prettyness.

Strawberry never tasted so good...

Lol, this seems to be.. obscene*? D:

*Nah, I was just licking the icecream in it.

Totally creative and innovative, just like IKEA!

Well, I guess thats all for today.
And of course, not forgetting a goodnight kiss for.. him! :D


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