Met an old pervert on the bus!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Omg, I saw something that I shouldn't see on the bus with Steph today!

It's just too much for Steph and I! Too much!
I think I'd rather kill myself than sucking that bloody old hairy dick of his.
Lmao, would anyone even dare to dream of sucking his?

I guess not. No way. Definitely NO WAY.
Okay, maybe the prostitutes of Geylang. Eww?

But anyway, one fine day when everything was going so well for these two little cute and innocent girls who were happily sitting on the bus, fiddling with their handphones and gossiping, they just have to see that... thing. Omg, someone save my eyes please.

I did not even know that it existed until Stephanie told me.
She poked me on my sides.

"Psst! Psst!"
"Uh.. Huh?"
"Look in front of you."

And I burst out laughing, hard and very soon, Stephanie joined in too.
We couldn't control and stop looking at it.
It's so obscene! AHHHHH. I think I'll have nightmares today ):

That bloody stick of his, is fucking hairy and disgusting. Somemore, chao-da!! D:
Why was that bloody fucker sitting across me, wearing a fucking loose shorts as if he is too poor to afford one? By showing that old dick of his, in one minute's time everyone will start giving him millions of dollars to chase him away! Why did he let his dick slip out of his pants, WHY?! Can't he just use his fucking hands to grab hold of it and not let it slip out? He just can't feel it, CAN HE?!
Nothing can cleanse that sin of mine! Ahhhh! Lord save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

And fuck, it just have to happen on my father's birthday. And does he expect me to go home and tell my father, "Daddy, guess what I saw? A DICK!" Is it? IS IT?! I can report him to the police for wearing such a loose shorts and for not wearing underwear and for not covering his fucking old dick! ARGH.

Not only that, I failed my Maths and Science and D and T.
And does the teachers expect me to go home and tell my daddy, " Happy Birthday Daddy. I failed my Maths, Science and D&T." I bet that will cause him a serious stroke. Maybe even a serious HEART ATTACK! Why does it have to happen today? Sigh.

Anyway, yesterday we went to the Child Care Center to help out with the special kids. I mean, not special but special needs. Not superman la. They already need help how to be superman?

But before the trip, we bought many snacks to fill up our empty stomach so we'll have energy to play with the kids and also, fight for the seats at the last row of the bus :D

I bought Hei-Bai-Pei! Nan shen nu shen pei! :D

Lol, I watched the advertisement when I was young and never got the snack outta my head.
And then, we managed to got a place, at the back of the bus!

Upon reaching there, we were sort of welcomed by the kids over there. Okay, they were pretty cute and the center was quite home-warming and cosy, especially the stage with the television.

Syafiq then took out his guitar and started playing for them.

After the performance, the kids begun to get used to us and introduced themselves and we paired up and chose a partner.

Thadsha and I paired up and we found a super uber cute malay boy called Fi-da-wus? Lol, I'm bad at spelling and pronouncing malay people's name. Fidawus's thadsha and my baby! :D

Cute isn't he? I got quite happy and glad that I started camwhoring with him! :D

Pardon my unsightly looks. I know I look so fugly but just concentrate on my cute
baby and you will soon forget me! :D

We played treasure hunt and seriously, I don't really know what we're doing laa. Everyone seems to be occupied with their stuffs so I just went along with them. After a long time in the center, we went out to get some fresh air and also played ice and water. God, the kids run really fast and I couldn't even run away from them. Lol, but my skipping skills are still average! :)

Sigh, but in the end we left and I missed Fidawus somehow. Ah, but we're going out this Saturday and I THINK I'll be bringing some old toys for them :)

Well, I should stop blogging now. I'm so bored, ah. Will blog next time! :D

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