Should I laugh.. not?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I don't know whether I should laugh or get angry.

They suggested to clear this so-called tiny misunderstanding up,
but in the end what happened?

And before that, Thadsha and I tried to tell them PROPERLY,
one of them just called us cowards and without hesitating, she immediately put it as her pm as if there's no tomorrow.

End of talk.

No more bargaining.
I don't see a need to clear this misunderstanding up anymore.

Yes, I used to be friends with them all and I admit that I respected them in the past.

Not now.
Not in the future.
Not, anymore.

And I swear that I'm very happy that we're splitting class next year, though I'll miss many of my friends in 2/7. Hope we'll keep in contact after that.

I know that all of us have a part causing this so-called misunderstanding, but it's all up to you whether who you want to believe. I have no say about this and shall not interfere in your life.

*Update: This is a new layout for my site. Umm, I think I'll stick to Georgia for the time being.

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