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Friday, May 25, 2007

I was always praying that my brother would turn out to be more cool someday so as his sister, I can have more 'face'. But well, that could never happen. With his slightly overweight figure and nerdy look, he could never achieved handsome or cool.

But, miracles do happen.

I went home today, and was much suprised that my brother didn't play the computer. "Walau, sleeping again sia." I thought. And guess what, I caught him in my room, doing something not very appropriate! Lord save my brother, he was spiking up his hair and using this pair of scissors and cutting his fringe. I asked him, "Oi what are you doing? Crazy ah cut your hair for what?" And he gave me a evil look and replied me, " My hair ugly, so need to cut lor."

Lol, and in the end, I offered to cut off his hair. He kept looking into the mirror and checking out whether I've cut out any of his important hair position. Oh, whatever. Nowadays my brother is so engaged on the phone and sometimes, I can even see him smsing and smiling to himself. Must be some crush =.= I think my brother's out of his mind. Well, I don't think he'll be cool anymore after today. He'll just be COOL for only today and spike up his hair for once in his whole lifetime. And thats very typical of my brother, if you live with him for 13 years.

Oh by the way, I've just created a WAKAKA club!
I don't think anyone out there knows what I'm really talking about, but only my wakaka friends know it! It's a symbol for people who love to laugh, just like me! :)

And next Monday, the Wakaka people are going to SENTOSA!

Feeling jealous? You ought to.

Because, we'll be having many events like kite flying, picnic, playing of volleyball, water-bombs and many more! It's going to be super duper ultra fun, I assure you.

For those who have been noticing that we don't hang out with them anymore, the reason is simple:

"Best friends are forever, not backstabbers."

I hope that explains everything.

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