Stupidity kills the cat.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

You ought to agree with me when it comes to dumbness.

I mean, I have a limit with dumbness too okay.
Sometimes when we are gossiping, it's a fact that we shouldn't look at the person to avoid suspicion. BUT, some people just gossip and look at the person. Yeah, she pointed at me while talking to her friends. How dumb can she get? It's not all about academics alright. What's the use of learning 1+1 when you don't even know how to count?

It's basic common sense.

Take a tv scene for example.
Can you play the song, tonghua while having a war scene? That's what i saw on tv today. For your information tong hua means fairytale for those of you who don't know the meaning. If you haven't hear it, go hear it now. That song is totally more like in a fantasy and more to soothing. But when you're having a war at such a critical minute, how can they play tong hua?!
Well, if George Bush was to start a war and one of his soldiers suddenly played a happy happy song eg.Graduation by Vitamin C, no doubt that he would kill that soldier. War is no fun or any happy graduating day.
Ask a 3 years old kid and he can answer that correctly too.

So, before acting rashly one should use their brains. Yes, I am pinpointing some of the people I know. And I shall not deny it. Unlike some people, tsk tsk. Nevermind, end of this disgusting talk. I just can't stand discussing about it. Now, I've got something better to do. Blogging! Lol, I'm blogging now anyway -.-

School's pretty boring nowadays due to the free periods that we have and also, exams are over. But still, it's really very fun though! Haha, I'm having so much fun in school nowadays. And also, the june holidays are coming too! And we can then go out with our friends and have fun! :D It's boring to do the same things over and over again. For example, going to the park everyday during the june holidays are totally, BORING. -yawns-

Mentioning about this kind of BORING stuffs can also make me sleep. See how dangerous this boring disease can spread. HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS.

Anyway, I made some icons! And those same old rule still applies to them.

  • None of my work can be used for commerical purposes, unless stated otherwise.
  • Can be used meaningfully as your avatar or MSN display picture.
  • Credit my site if you are using it for something else eg. project, blogskins, etc.
  • Do not modify my work unless permission given.
  • Do not claim my work as yours.
  • Respect copyrighted works.
  • My works are protected under the copyrights law.

And a photo of the scenery outside my window..

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