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Sunday, June 03, 2007

So, who're the ones who called us loners in the first place?

And besides, we don't use people like you do.
We treat everyone as our friends. You're just jealous that you guys have no one to hang with, except those girls.

You say you have true friends. But do you?

And she befriended you because she have to face you every occasion and it would be pretty awkward if you guys fall out.

You should know why she sticked to you.
And who was the first one who started the hate her thing?

Everyone can vouch that she started it. And don't shoot things back, denying everything.

And, you wanted us to confess everything we did.
But you've already told her all the untrue things and it's pretty obvious who she wants to believe now.

So, is there a chance for us to explain?

And oh please, we don't laugh for attention.
We're laughing with our heart and unlike you, who laugh for the sake of laughing.

Oh well, I don't see a reason for us to explain to you guys since the answer is pretty obvious that you will always trust among yourselves. Whatever we say, will not make a difference.

And, good luck with your awesome life with backstabbing and betraying.

Okay, I'm not going to blog about this matter anymore.
It's wasting my blog space and also, a waste of my time.

JiaLe, her mum, her sister and I went to Bugis yesterday!

I swear her mum look really young!

We went there as Jiale had to exchange her newly bought skirt for a new one.
The one that she bought was torn and she was so upset so I accompanied her to exchange lor.

Upon reaching there, we headed for the second floor shops and I got enchanted by the beauty of heels again!
I saw many many super HIGH heels but I only had 20 bucks with me :(

Talking about saving money, sigh.
More like spending money to me.

If I was a millionaire..

-puff! :( -

Back to the Bugis thing,
I saw many cute dresses and accessories and I can't help but drool at them..

Then, we went back to the shop that JiaLe had purchased her skirt from and we got a new one.
This time, we checked thoroughly and thanked the auntie before leaving her lolita gothic shop.

We walked around and I was getting so crazy over shoes, tops and dresses that I saw everywhere. Please god, drop some money from the sky and let me spend it all on these beautiful girly stuffs..

After a while, we went to the Teenage Cafe and ate our lunch.
Jiale's mum treated us to spaghetti, giant fries, nuggets and coke.

I felt pretty bad as the food there were expensive.

We rested there as we could not move any further with our big tummy.
Then, we went to the first floor and went window shopping again.

Suddenly, this bling bling top with a heart necklace caught my eyes and I just knew I had to buy it!
1 for $12 while 2 for $20.

I asked Jiale if she wanted it and just as I thought, she also loved it a lot!
We then shared money and bought the top for only $10 each!

Here's the top that I'm talking about now:

Nice? Hehe, actually the focus is on the necklace..
The white top is actually very useful, because i can use it when I'm wearing my tube dress/top :)

I also saw this beautiful pair of red high heels, and I kept holding onto it for a few minutes, hoping that it'd be mine.

Soon, we went Bugis Junction and shopped around.

We went to the children's department and saw a arcade(very small) at the end.
It was boring, as those games were more for children under 10. So, we just watched other children play and we left that miserable place.

At that time, it was already 7.35pm!

I called my parents and asked them if I could dine with Jiale and family.
Was pretty surprised when they say I could.

When we reached whitesands, it was already 8.00pm.

JiaLe and I rushed to Ice Lemon Tea and guess what??
The earrings are 3 for.. 1.95!!!!!

We'd be considered retarded if we don't buy!!

And yeah, there were many vintage-looking earrings and you know, I'm crazy over them!
Again, Jiale and I shared money and bought them.

While Jiale's mum was looking at the bags at Ink, Jiale was trying to poke the earrings through her earholes and it bled! Siao la! Somemore she say not painful at all!

I went home around 9-10plus and edited all the photos that Jiale and I took!

And here's all the photos:

Was trying out the new top with my tube top! And look at my brown eyes! (:

Ps: Mum did a short survey and immediately got 30 bucks! But she gave me the money :)
Must call her to do more survey now! Hahahas(:

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