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Friday, June 01, 2007


I bought the June issue of Cleo Magazine, which features Jade Seah in the hot bikini!

Just in case you're wondering who she is, she's the first runner-up for Miss Singapore Universe, new spokesperson for Nivea's skincare range and CLEO Cover Girl Search 2003 finalist!

Jade Seah (First Runner Up for Singapore Universe)
Carol Leong (Miss Singapore Universe)

I think Jade's more beautiful than Carol!
Look at Carol face la, more like Indonesia maid lor.

Most probably she won due to her precious asset. Oh what the hell. I bet all the guys who vote for her are those 80 years old leechers. Yucks.

Oh back to the Cleo magazine, there're a lot of tips for girls who are into shopping, cosmetics, slimming down and fashion! Also, they often share their life experiences with readers, thus gaining more knowledge about what you're going through at a later age!

Last but not least, free samples for EVERY CLEO READERS!

And the magazine only cost $4.40.
It's worth the money and is quite thick unlike Teenage. In my opinion, magazines like Teen or Teenage are more for twits or ahlians if you ask me.

Now, I shall share some tips to get that bikini body that you've always desired!

Pg 126.

Cardio activities burn calories so you can blaze fat more efficiently, making your heart stronger and improving your lung capacity.

Here's an example of a cardio activity:
(there are more in the magazine, but i'm only listing out one. You've got to buy the magazine to see what's more inside. Don't be a freeloader! :P)
  • Jumping Jacks
Do these in the comfort of your own home and in front of the TV. This exercise focuses on conditioning and total body endurance. To do it well, you should start in an upright position with your feet together and hands by your side. Begin by jumping vertically while at the same time moving your feet out shoulder-width apart and your hands coming up above your head. Always make sure that the core stays tight and that your movements are quick and controlled.
Jumping Jacks for 60 minutes = A bowl of almond jelly (260 calories)

And here's a part on the benefits of stretching.
(If you buy the magazine, they'll show you different stretching exercises)

Stretching your limits
Three reasons why you should increase your flexibility

Improved Physical Performance-Daily tasks such as lifting or running will become easier and less tiring as a result.

Better Posture-Frequent stretching helps to keep your muscles from getting tight and improve muscular balance and posture.

Stress Relief-Increases mental and physical relaxation.

And here's the Cleo 28 Day Body Plan!
I'm noooooot going to list out the 28 days of course =.=

Week 1, monday
Cardio-Brish walk(20mins)
Diet-Breakfast(1 slice of wholewheat toast/1 small apple)

Week 1, tuesday
Stretch-Easy walk for 10 minutes followed by:
1.one set of 12 to 15 OLOPL and Pick-Up squats.(don't ask me OLOPL is, i don't know!)
2.One set of 15 to 25 reps using 3 to 5lbs dumbbells for Cald Raises with Biceps and Triceps Pull-down Lunge.
3. Blah blah blah :P
4. Blah blah blah :P

Week 1, wednesday
Cardio-Light jog for 30 minutes
Diet-1/2 medium 100percent wheat bagel,1/2 cup of wholewheat or whole-grain pasta.

Week 1, thursday
Strength- Follow Tuesday.
Stretch-Do it for 15 minutes after workout.

Week 1, friday
Cardio-Yoga, swimming (pick one and do as long as you want!)
Diet-1 serving of starchy carbs like brown rice
-two servings of veggie-carbs (a cup of brocoli and eight spears of asparagus).
-one serving of lean protein like chicken breast
-two servings of fat.

And blah blah blah..

You've to buy the magazine and follow the routine.
After that, you can...

Hit the beach in your brand new bikini!

*Cleo Magazine can be found at any newstands and also, Any Popular outlets (remember to bring extra $4.40 when you go out!)
*In the June issue, they will give out free NIVEA VISAGE Deep Pore Control Facial Foam, which is new!
Reasons you should purchase the NEW NIVEA VISAGE Deep Pore Control Facial Foam:

Oil free formula, Customised for Asian Skin, Dermatologically tested
, Non-comedogenic(doesn't clog pores or aggravate acne), Prevent black heads and blemishes, unclogging of pores!

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