One Two Three.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Goodbye Winnie, goodbye Becky.

Maybe we won't remember each other in the future, but at least we've met once in our whole life.
At least, we've smiled and laughed over something.

Thank you for your cards.
It's very sweet and I'll keep it in my precious container.

I miss them!!

Life is so unpredictable.
I just feel like crying..

Sometimes, we have to let go abit..


Damn, I was getting so carried away while typing and uploading these photos..
Anyway, during science class we did experiment on colours/lights!

And some yesterday..

While some from unknown days ago..

And some that I wanted to upload millions years ago..



Saturday, July 21, 2007

As a blogger, I ought to have a responsibility to tell everyone about this:

STOP EATING AT KFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know how they tortured the poor chicken before they are slaughtered??!!

KFC suppliers cram birds into huge waste-filled factories, breed and drug them to grow so large that they can’t even walk, and often break their wings and legs. At slaughter, the birds’ throats are slit and they are dropped into tanks of scalding-hot water—often while they are still conscious.

Quoted from Kentucky Fried Cruelty,

Not only that, after I watched the video,
beaks are all cut off soon after the chicks are hatched!!

It's like having the tip of your finger chopped!!
(the same feeling that chickens experienced!)

A chick(which had just hatched from its egg)'s beak is being cut off

This chicken's beak is being cut off, not only that, it is also being physically abused.

Chick's beak being cut off.

To them, these chickens are not animals at all!! They are like cash!!

KFC often use so much pills that make these chickens so fat and big and then, they cut off their legs so that they cannot run away when they are being slaughtered.

And guess what those fucking bastardy workers do to these poor chickens when they are alive?!
  • They were being thrown by workers and crushed by metal dumping machines.
  • An undercover investigation reported that workers spitting tobacco into live birds' eyes, spray-painting their faces, and kicking them like footballs.
  • These chickens also got stuck in the spring-loaded doors of the cages, and workers whacked them with metal poles in order to push the doors open, sometimes leaving chickens crippled.
  • Chickens have their throats slit alive, and though some are still living, they will be thrown into the hot scalding tank ALIVE. (When scooped up, these chickens become red)

Here are some of the photos that I took from

Chickens arrived to be slaughtered are covered in faeces and dirt.

They are all squeezed together and they can hardly breathe!!

One of the chickens that are cut in the throat and burned alive (notice the legs are being chopped off)


Many chickens die on their way to be slaughtered.

Chickens often arrive to slaughter with bad ammonia burns and open wounds.

Chickens’ lives are marked by constant suffering.

Many chickens must often share their journey with their deadmates.

Though PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have started a campaign against KFC, but so far after 2 years, more than 850 million chickens are still abused cruely and this is one of the worst abuses in the world.

To help these poor chickens from suffering,
stop eating at KFC and sign Pink's peition to stop these cruelty!

To know more about the Kentucky Fried Cruelty,
please watch the video(how they are tortured and slaughtered) by clicking here

And remember to visit the Official Kentucky Fried Cruelty Website!


Call me lazy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Boo, sorry for not updating for a.. week or so?

Was really, uh.. BUSY with my life and I was also quite lazy to blog.
There're so many pictures that I have to upload..

Anyway, Thadsha fell sick and didn't came to school for 2 days?
It felt like 2 years! And everyone missed her...

Fortunately, she came today.

On monday afterschool, Thadsha, Jiawen, Steph, Claire, Gina, JiaLe and I went to Downtown east to have our lunch. I love Downtown East's food alright.

After that, Jiawen and I went back to school to wait for her mum to come.

There were quite a lot of ahbengs and ahlians walking around the bus stop and it was like, some ahbeng&ahlian kingdom?!

Suddenly, there was this bunch of ahbengs coming up and sitting beside us.

I heard a "Hi" and I ignored it. NEVER TALK TO A STRANGER!

But jiawen replied, "Hi" back. Lol! It was so hilarious cos I was laughing at her while she was laughing at my nostrils or whatever.

Nothing much happened but during Wednesday's music lesson, we learned HipHop Dancing which was so lame and fun at the same time?!

Looking at the mirror makes me puke.. not to mention in real life..
Haha, let's wave our hands to the right and to the left, THADSHA & NAWFAL!

And Yan Mae built this swing that could break anytime and she was so evil to call me to sit on it..

Here are some of the photos that I took this week..
(I didn't edit MOST of the pics. Thats why I told you to call me lazy)

my origami papers :)

and here's the little girl who never fails to tell a story each day.

paperhearts. heh.

something i made from the chocolate muffin i ate.

blood splatters.

claire's beautiful art work. erm, i didn't edit it so this artpiece should be the other way round. the fork should be below.

Sexy mah?

While walking back home with Claire..

And there were a lot of photos that Jiawen and I took.. But I'm lazy to upload it ok.
Especially the one with Mr Khairul.

Putting his photo here might pollute my blog :X

Hahas, anyway today we went downtown east for lunch.
After eating, we were resting with our full stomach and I was stepping on one of my french fries that I ate earlier.

I turned to Jiale and saw her mixing this bowl of disgusting greyish water thing and I asked her, "Hmm, add this french fry that I am stepping now."

And she took it and mix it again.. With her spit-out almond thinggy and many disgusting things.

What was the most shocking was that she took one of the grass jelly that she was mixing and put inside her mouth! I was so shocked!!!!!!!!

My shoe.. I don't know what I've stepped in the toilet.. Perhaps urine.. blood.. shit.. And she just swallowed it??!!

It's DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give me a million bucks and I wouldn't even do that!

We left after spending an hour in the foodcourt.
JiaLe and I took 17 to Whitesands and walked around.

Took neoprints and we were laughing like crazy when I took the bikini picture.
You have to put your face there and look as if you are wearing a bikini which was so damn hilarious!

But I looked ugly in that photo so we didn't choose it.

I was so hungry after taking neoprints that I ran to Old Changkee and got myself a carrotcake. After eating, I wanted to eat the mashed potato from 7-eleven but Jiale didn't allow me to :(

Went home afterwards and at 8.45pm, webcammed with Thadsha:

Emo sia..

And then, she logged off and watch some potianak movie. LOL.

Well, I've got to end this post now..

Oh before I forget, here's an eyecandy:

Guess who? Heh.

Claire is so cute.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lol, Lady Claire the Brilliant definitely lives up to her name :)

She was telling me about the 2/4 twins over MSN Messenger and I was laughing like hell.
I can't say anything here because.. there're reasons for whatever I do!!

Haha, she's damn cute alright :)

Anyway, today was really fun.

Gina, Claire and I met Steph at the bus stop near whitesands primary school and I was 30 minutes late. Sorry people!!

It was pretty fun actually though er, we were quite anti-social.

The people were friendly but I just felt.. weird.

Claire was also quite uncomfortable too.

So we just grabbed some drinks and chicken wings and walked to Tampines Mrt station to fetch Thadsha.

Yeah, we didn't play any games but just hanged around the playground and soon, the others went to play captain's ball while Thadsha and I had a.. TALK. Lol :)

And did I tell you that the chicken wings were delicious? Probably the best ones I ever ate in my whole life! (Pardon me, I always say that when I'm hungry)

Stephanie's friends were so cute!
They laughed like mad when we started talking about twits and they were jumping and laughing at the same time.

We didn't know that time was passing so fast :(

Soon, it was like 6.45pm and I had to rush home immediately.
And guess who I saw at Pasir Ris Mrt Station?!

Fishball MAN!
And his 'assistants' were really cute. OMG.

Hehe, thadsha :D

I know I'm really confusing because I've already confused myself.

retarded people

Retarded people everywhere.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Early in the morning, I had a scolding from Ms Tan because I didn't bring my Science Prac. Book again.

Walao, I remembered clearly that I wanted to bring.

Anyway after school, Stephanie and I accompanied Thadsha to get her super duper new handphone. We waited for the stupid 358 for some time and it turned out to be aircon-less!

I swear there's this girl who kept staring at my face as if there's dirt or something.
I turned to Thadsha and asked her, "MY FACE GOT ANYTHING?!"

She said no and I started to complain that the girl keep staring at my face.
Oh and by the way, she's sitting just right in front of me (:

Apparently, in that horrible bus we did not know there were quite a few.. abnormal and retarded people on it.

As usual, we were laughing and talking loudly as we've always did.

Then there was this guy who was wearing specs and sitting at the three seaters kept staring at us as if he haven't seen human in his life before!!

I told Thadsha and Steph and we laughed again.

And that guy, kept staring and I caught him winking at us!!

This time, we laughed really loud.

He then stare at us for the million times and he turned to his right where nobody is sitting and put his finger over his mouth and 'shh' to the air!


The next retarded guy I'm going to talk about is the one who was sitting beside him.

When we laughed at the psycho who 'shhed' to the air, he was staring at us angrily.

And guess what he was doing?!
He was digging his teeth with the bus ticket!

He rolled it up like those cinnamon rolls and started scratching his teeth and even held it in his hands. Walao, damn unhygiene!

When I saw him, I just felt like vomitting at him and slapping his balls.

His unhygenie can cause bird flu okay!
What if he threw it out of the window and some bird ate his teeth shit and then spread to the other birds and the other birds spread to us?!

That's why don't ever dig your teeth with something DIRTY because it makes u dirty.
And when u are dirty I will get disgusted and post about you on my blog!!

The next retarded person is whom we've met in the Mrt train.

There were three nerdy guys sitting together like some gay association and they were like discussing about games and studies which was totally stupid.

The guy who was in the middle look pretty retarded and I thought he'd be something that I'd laugh about.

And it's true!!

Stephanie was staring at him and he looked back. His cheeks started to jump up and down as if he's having a cheek stroke or something and he showed off his stupid retarded teeth!

But I didn't see it of course.
She told me so as a retarded investigator, I have to simply check it out.

I tried staring at him for a moment but he didn't do anything.

So I looked away and I caught his cheek stroke moving up and down and he was like laughing like a retarted man!! Super retarded I tell you.

The fourth one is whom I saw at the bedok bench.

I was just resting my legs after standing in the handphone shop for so long and I turned to my left as an old man sat down there.

To my horror, he had his medical oil bottle sticking up INTO his nostrils and he was like sitting with his dicky opened!!

I was so horrified that I had to keep staring.

Next, he pulled his nostrils to an extent that nobody can do and he put his tiny bony finger and started moving clockwise or also known as digging his nose!!

I just can't believe my eyes and he sneezed without covering his nose!!
And at the moment, the wind was blowing his direction to mine and I quickly ran away from his contagious disgusting retarded germs!

Next time, I think I'll include their pictures inside my posts.

They are simply disgusting and I am glad I've met such retarded people :D

Carpenters Tools DAY!

Monday, July 09, 2007

So many things happened today.

Not only did I blew my top but I was breaking my pen in class.
That already shows how angry I am.
At certain things.

Upon seeing my anger, my nuer made me a card which is so damn adorable ! :)

I'm obliged not to post any private stuffs in my site.
Yeah, and so I'm not.


Anyway, CTI which stands for Carpenters Tools International came to our school!
Their performance was really, really great!

Somemore they're caucasians and they are are are are so gorgeous!
Especially Josh! :D
(You'll know who he is soon)

Imagine an angmo singing chinese song?!
It's really challenging you know.

Some words that are in chinese are really hard to pronounce and they managed to sing the song Zhuan Shu Tian Shi by Tank well!

They'll be holding a finale concert this coming Saturday at St Andrew's Cathedral!

And there's this girl who looked really like Lindsay Lohan!
Her name is.. Karl? or Carl?
She's really nice and outgoing!

Most probably the outgoing one in the group.

Then, I saw Josh!
He's so damn cute la.

I waved at him then I think he didn't see it.
So when we went down, I waved to him again!

And he was like, " Hello."


And and and, we managed to take a photo with him!!!!!!!!

See he stand so close to me!! :D
Sigh. Too bad he'll be in America. Well.. if we're fated we will meet again! Heh =D
PS. Don't be so anti social okay. You've got to interact with everyone! I'll support you til you make it to Hollywood or something! LOL :)

And here's his band members..

Hot eh?

So, please support the Carpenters Tools International just like how I support Josh! :D


My life is over

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm not allowed to go out with my friends as often as I did in the past.

For a short period.

So, my life is.. over for now.
My life is going to be so boring and I'll have no photos to update this blog!

But don't worry, it's only for a SHORT period.

Anyway, whenever I'm done with my shopping I'll always end up with 2 bucks in my purse.
Pathetic huh?

Alright, I'll just post some random photos to end this post in a beautiful way. Hahaa.

And here's a photo that I took in Malaysia.
(edited in Adobe Photoshop)

And there, I ended this post with a beautiful photo of a beautiful yellow car.

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