Call me lazy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Boo, sorry for not updating for a.. week or so?

Was really, uh.. BUSY with my life and I was also quite lazy to blog.
There're so many pictures that I have to upload..

Anyway, Thadsha fell sick and didn't came to school for 2 days?
It felt like 2 years! And everyone missed her...

Fortunately, she came today.

On monday afterschool, Thadsha, Jiawen, Steph, Claire, Gina, JiaLe and I went to Downtown east to have our lunch. I love Downtown East's food alright.

After that, Jiawen and I went back to school to wait for her mum to come.

There were quite a lot of ahbengs and ahlians walking around the bus stop and it was like, some ahbeng&ahlian kingdom?!

Suddenly, there was this bunch of ahbengs coming up and sitting beside us.

I heard a "Hi" and I ignored it. NEVER TALK TO A STRANGER!

But jiawen replied, "Hi" back. Lol! It was so hilarious cos I was laughing at her while she was laughing at my nostrils or whatever.

Nothing much happened but during Wednesday's music lesson, we learned HipHop Dancing which was so lame and fun at the same time?!

Looking at the mirror makes me puke.. not to mention in real life..
Haha, let's wave our hands to the right and to the left, THADSHA & NAWFAL!

And Yan Mae built this swing that could break anytime and she was so evil to call me to sit on it..

Here are some of the photos that I took this week..
(I didn't edit MOST of the pics. Thats why I told you to call me lazy)

my origami papers :)

and here's the little girl who never fails to tell a story each day.

paperhearts. heh.

something i made from the chocolate muffin i ate.

blood splatters.

claire's beautiful art work. erm, i didn't edit it so this artpiece should be the other way round. the fork should be below.

Sexy mah?

While walking back home with Claire..

And there were a lot of photos that Jiawen and I took.. But I'm lazy to upload it ok.
Especially the one with Mr Khairul.

Putting his photo here might pollute my blog :X

Hahas, anyway today we went downtown east for lunch.
After eating, we were resting with our full stomach and I was stepping on one of my french fries that I ate earlier.

I turned to Jiale and saw her mixing this bowl of disgusting greyish water thing and I asked her, "Hmm, add this french fry that I am stepping now."

And she took it and mix it again.. With her spit-out almond thinggy and many disgusting things.

What was the most shocking was that she took one of the grass jelly that she was mixing and put inside her mouth! I was so shocked!!!!!!!!

My shoe.. I don't know what I've stepped in the toilet.. Perhaps urine.. blood.. shit.. And she just swallowed it??!!

It's DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give me a million bucks and I wouldn't even do that!

We left after spending an hour in the foodcourt.
JiaLe and I took 17 to Whitesands and walked around.

Took neoprints and we were laughing like crazy when I took the bikini picture.
You have to put your face there and look as if you are wearing a bikini which was so damn hilarious!

But I looked ugly in that photo so we didn't choose it.

I was so hungry after taking neoprints that I ran to Old Changkee and got myself a carrotcake. After eating, I wanted to eat the mashed potato from 7-eleven but Jiale didn't allow me to :(

Went home afterwards and at 8.45pm, webcammed with Thadsha:

Emo sia..

And then, she logged off and watch some potianak movie. LOL.

Well, I've got to end this post now..

Oh before I forget, here's an eyecandy:

Guess who? Heh.

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