Carpenters Tools DAY!

Monday, July 09, 2007

So many things happened today.

Not only did I blew my top but I was breaking my pen in class.
That already shows how angry I am.
At certain things.

Upon seeing my anger, my nuer made me a card which is so damn adorable ! :)

I'm obliged not to post any private stuffs in my site.
Yeah, and so I'm not.


Anyway, CTI which stands for Carpenters Tools International came to our school!
Their performance was really, really great!

Somemore they're caucasians and they are are are are so gorgeous!
Especially Josh! :D
(You'll know who he is soon)

Imagine an angmo singing chinese song?!
It's really challenging you know.

Some words that are in chinese are really hard to pronounce and they managed to sing the song Zhuan Shu Tian Shi by Tank well!

They'll be holding a finale concert this coming Saturday at St Andrew's Cathedral!

And there's this girl who looked really like Lindsay Lohan!
Her name is.. Karl? or Carl?
She's really nice and outgoing!

Most probably the outgoing one in the group.

Then, I saw Josh!
He's so damn cute la.

I waved at him then I think he didn't see it.
So when we went down, I waved to him again!

And he was like, " Hello."


And and and, we managed to take a photo with him!!!!!!!!

See he stand so close to me!! :D
Sigh. Too bad he'll be in America. Well.. if we're fated we will meet again! Heh =D
PS. Don't be so anti social okay. You've got to interact with everyone! I'll support you til you make it to Hollywood or something! LOL :)

And here's his band members..

Hot eh?

So, please support the Carpenters Tools International just like how I support Josh! :D

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