Claire is so cute.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lol, Lady Claire the Brilliant definitely lives up to her name :)

She was telling me about the 2/4 twins over MSN Messenger and I was laughing like hell.
I can't say anything here because.. there're reasons for whatever I do!!

Haha, she's damn cute alright :)

Anyway, today was really fun.

Gina, Claire and I met Steph at the bus stop near whitesands primary school and I was 30 minutes late. Sorry people!!

It was pretty fun actually though er, we were quite anti-social.

The people were friendly but I just felt.. weird.

Claire was also quite uncomfortable too.

So we just grabbed some drinks and chicken wings and walked to Tampines Mrt station to fetch Thadsha.

Yeah, we didn't play any games but just hanged around the playground and soon, the others went to play captain's ball while Thadsha and I had a.. TALK. Lol :)

And did I tell you that the chicken wings were delicious? Probably the best ones I ever ate in my whole life! (Pardon me, I always say that when I'm hungry)

Stephanie's friends were so cute!
They laughed like mad when we started talking about twits and they were jumping and laughing at the same time.

We didn't know that time was passing so fast :(

Soon, it was like 6.45pm and I had to rush home immediately.
And guess who I saw at Pasir Ris Mrt Station?!

Fishball MAN!
And his 'assistants' were really cute. OMG.

Hehe, thadsha :D

I know I'm really confusing because I've already confused myself.

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