Omg, I'm so back.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rejoice because Dear Gladys is back!

Okay, so I haven't updated for like million years.
But I guess I'm allowed to use the internet now!

And I'll be updating this site before it really dies!

Somebody told me that my blog look like Xiaxue's.

Haha, yes I agree but my designs and hers are totally different.
It's just pure coincidence that both of us like the same colour.
(obviously pink)

Oh yeah, Thadsha's bbq was totally a success!


Well we were playing dare or double dare, so she, smacked dillen's ass whose one of her sister's friends' ass.
And JIAWEN, hugged alien.

I didn't do anything as disgracing as that, so I just unhooked her sister's bra.

And I went home around 10.30pm.


I just love my bitches.

I've sort of given up on guys. But that doesn't mean I'm a lesbian! I still go for cute guys though. But not ever going to be serious about them.

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