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Monday, September 10, 2007

I guess you guys are really sick of looking at the IMVU banner everytime you come to my blog, hahas.

So... heres an update!

Watched HSM II yesterday, it was good.
But not as good as the first one.

And I found out the scandal about Vanessa Anne Hudgens yesterday too.
She sent her nude photos to Zac Efron, wanting to tease him but a third party got hold of them and posted them online.

Well... I've got no comments.
But she's really not setting a good example to the LITTLE kids who really love HSM.

I wanted to post one of her photos here, but considering the amount of children under 21 reading my blog, I decided not to ;)
(Thanks to Yan Mae, who keep bugging me to give her the link!)

Oh, and before I forgot, I shall post the photos that I secretly took on 31st of August which was ACES Day!

Our school was holding this Principal Challenge and some sports activities too.

But of course, the Principal won the challenge because that was the PRINCIPAL CHALLENGE!
(Including his weird looking muscles too.)

And here's some photos:

Pretty stupid, but... yeah.

And here's some photos that I took during the holidays.
(Staying at home makes me emo.)

And some today:

Thadshainiy, here's a funny photo that you were laughing so much at on that day!

You guys might find it ORDINARY, but........ its unique in its way! Hahas! :)


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and watch them fall everytime."

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