Friday, October 05, 2007

I must endure all the 'fake' hunger I'm feeling right now..

It's all FAKE!!!!!!

I've gained a freaking *kg and I MUST SHED IT OFF BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY!

It'd be better if I can shed 10kg off HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAS!

I must be as skinny as............................. Paris HILTON!
Maybe not Paris. It's way too skinny, my future boyfriend wouldn't like it.

Hmm....... Jessica Alba!
She's got a great body and I want it.

Fuck, no matter what I'm so going to shed the freaking fats off!

Anyway, talking about BODIES, I have to say that Celeste Chen who was recently the topic at Claire's blog, is such a SKINNY OSTRICH!

Oh man, using ostrich would be of much advantage for her since they're so cute :)
Shit would be better!

And look at her youtube videos.
One of her disgusting videos, a*teens should be called Animal Cruelty!

Look at the way she's forcing her rabbit to look at the camera?!
She's holding the rabbit as if the rabbit's a doll.

And yeah, most of her videos always reveal either her bamboo legs or her flat chest.

I think she can be a porn star though.
Hmm, maybe too lowly to be one.

Damn, putting her photos here would heartbreakingly pollute my blog and destroy the whole blogging system.

Now, back to the topics I WANT TO TALK ABOUT,
I am so going to get Sony T20 Cybershot Cam for my birthday okay!

And of course, it'll either be the pink or red one :)
(the red one's t100, not t20)

It's so freaking adorable isn't it?

Anyway, I really can't wait for my birthday!
It's 23 November and I'm still counting and counting...

Hope there'll be some surprises and fun going on around during my birthday!!! ;)

SENTOSA!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I really miss him like a shit missing its mother land, ass.

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