I'm leaving for a bad cause but together with a good news.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Which first?

The good one or the bad one?


Okay, the bad first.

I'm leaving for Malaysia tomorrow in the morning :(
Maybe this is a good news to people who hate me. Haha!

Mum's nagging at me to pack my luggage but I'm trying to drag it as slow as possible because I don't want to go back to Malaysia! :(

"Your t-shirt and jackets bring already?? Eh bring your panties okay!!"

(I don't put =.= because someone told me only boys are allowed to use that which was lame of cos.)

The weather will be so fucking hot in Malaysia!
I finally know why Jiawen gave me the kukubird fan! THANKYOU!!

As usual, mum's getting so excited....

Wait a minute.
It's not excited.


Malaysia is so DISGUSTING.

Almost 60% of the population there travel by motorbikes, which is sooooooooooooooooo..


No wonder my cousin got so many pimples.

Alright, enough with all the rantings.

The good news is.........

My appeal is successful!

To 3/5!

I'm also replacing Art with POA(Principle of Accounts) which is less stressful because I do not need to prepare my artwork for the O levels.

Haha, I can shop for prom dresses with Thadsha and Jiawen already!


Well, I guess I better get going.
Mum's nagging now.

Maybe I was wrong all along.

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