7th Month - Hungry Ghost Festival

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Those who are born in the year of rat, horse, rabbit and rooster,


The 7th month is coming, yeah.
It's just this Friday, 1st of August! (tomorrow)

7th month indicates the Hungry Ghost Festival, which means that the gate of hell will open up, and there're a lot of things you cannot do.

Your ancestors will most probably pay you a visit, and UNWANTED 'visitors' too.

I'm born in the year of the Rooster, so I've to be really careful this year during the 7th month.
Oh well, if you're the same age as me, 15 and born in the year of 1993,

(Same goes for those whose zodiac is rat, horse and rabbit)

There're 6 things you cannot do:

1) Don't anyhow pick up things that are on the floor(because they might be left behind by soooome things). If you found money, donate them to charity.

2) When you're out late at night, REFRAIN from scolding vulgarities

3) If you see people burning hell money, clothes, maids, cars etc, WALK AWAY la stupid.

4) Refrain from going to the beach or taking a boat
(There're people who died there so you might see.......... ahem)

5) TRY not to go to places like cemetery, forest areas, hospitals

6) If somebody tells you to STOP doing something,
(stepping on the hell money ashes, don't turn behind when somebody calls your name, don't curse someone, etc)
, then don't do it.
If you insist on doing it and you think nobody's watching/care, you're wrong.
Somebody's watching.

Alright, here are also some things that old folks often tell us NOT to do during the seventh month

1) When you're walking home late at night and hear someone calling you, DON'T turn behind.

Your back forms a barrier between you and spirits, and if you turn behind, you're removing the barrier and exposing yourself to danger.

2) When people are burning hell money etc, don't step on any of the ashes.

Don't ask why, instead, they should be the one asking why you're stepping on their 'stuffs'.

3) IF you see that 'thing', you might not want to make it too obvious.

Don't scream, don't shout. Making it too obvious........ might not be a good thing afterall. Just keep quiet and leave that area. When you're far away, it's safer for you to do anything you want.

What if the 'thing' is staring at me?
Maybe....... you're stepping on something.

What if it's beside my friend?
Pull her away quietly, and leave.

What if I can't move?
Then......... continue facing that 'thing'.

MY FRIEND saw 'it' in the toilet, and she did the right thing by pulling me away and she cried later.
I don't wanna say her name, because she'd want to keep this low profile la :)
But I'm very very proud of her being so brave.

ANYWAY, I know I haven't been blogging for so many days..
I hope my readers are still here!! LOL.


Lol, it's just a new single song, Bossy by Lindsay Lohan.

There're tons of photos of her during her hey days, so yup!

She's talented, yet wasted.


Celebrity news!!!!!!!!!

(Same as her best friend whore)

Anyway, I think that dress is hot!!

She and her boyfriend, Benji Madden.

She's well known for being a drunk skank, but she's stopped drinking recently.
(Which is like a miracle!!)

Her boyfriend is the twin brother of Nicole Richie(Paris Hilton's best friend)'s boyfriend (Joel Madden).

Isn't it like seeing the same face of your best whore's boyfriend?

She's so goddamn retarded.

I bet Benji hooked up with her is because of her porn video!
So one night he might be having this conversation with his twin brother, Joel.

Joel: Omg, I saw your bitch's porn video. She's such a flat ass!
Benji: Yeah, how about your Richie bitch?
Joel: Damn she's flat too! Thank goodness our baby didn't take after her!
Benji: Haha, not bad brother. But that Hilton bitch is fine too lor! Just that she went for this boob job and I could see the scar..
Joel: I can't see the difference. Even if she went for that boob job, it's still.... FLAT.
Benji: Actually I'm feeling sick of Hilton. Since both of them are dumb blondes, wanna exchange partners for a week?
Joel: Damnit, sure!! I'd want to see how good your Hilton bitch is on bed man. Oh by the way, you might not want to smell Richie's body. SHE STINKS.

Okay, enough.

We played volleyball today, and it was fun!!

Everyone's so stressed :(


I'm trying so hard now!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm sick, tired yet restless!

I don't know.
It's like wanting to sleep but don't want to sleep!

I'm feeling very sick as..........

1) The weather's been cold these days
2) I just walked in the rain this morning
3) I'm having a terrible flu
4) I just don't want to attend school
5) ......... I don't know

School's been super crazy these days, especially with the two retarded guys - Leon and Shaun!!!!

Yesterday, Leon took out his wallet and pretended to call his mediacorp artiste manager.

" Hello? Oh yes. I would like to put Thadshayiniy into the beauty contest.. WHAT?! Fuck nabeh.. The theme is fruits?! Oh man.. Yes yes.. We have already made the preparations.. Oh yes! OMG WE GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!! Huh, what condition?? WHAT! WEAR DURIANS AS THE BRA?! Okay sure no problem.. "

Shaun was talking in all kinds of accents - Spanish, Bangla, Japanese, China
He even demonstrated to us in these accents by reading the snacks stall menu, LOL.

Today, Thadshayiniy and I went to her house (AGAIN :P) and wanted to make video lor..
But in the end, there was no time so we had to take the bus and go home while she went tuition.

On the bus, we saw this VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY SCARY-LOOKING bangla with side parting and his hair was like, chopped off somehow.

We couldn't help laughing, hehe.

Haizzz, I miss going out with her and have fun lor.

Nowadays she's got to go back home fast, and told me that she can't go out with me that often because of her curfew and etc.

We wrote letters during chemistry class again and I was sooooooooo &*%$@!?! sad okay :(

TALKING ABOUT CHOPPED HAIR, I'm starting to hate my hair can!!!!!


Today, I saw this girl with very beautiful and nice hair.
All natural, not permed, not rebonded.

I'm SO going to wash my hair back to my natural one.

I think I'm sick of my permed hair.


Think I'll be changing my layout soon, so yep :)

I did not pass my Chemistry paper, die die die.
Fuck fuck fuck.

Friday's POA common test, stress stress stress.



*Urine ;)


Vote for my tee! :D

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I was talking on the phone with Jiawen and she confessed that she used my email to vote for her teeshirt! LOL!

So I went to the website.... and the tee shirts were fabulous!

I like Jiawen's one:
"Emo people don't wear pink."

So I used the account she created for me and I made a teeshirt too! =)

Lol, I'm not referring to me, but I'm referring to everyone.

Honestly, I believe everyone's beautiful in their own ways.
You don't have to have the looks to be beautiful.

Even if you do have a pretty face but a wicked heart, what's the difference?

Dove is launching campaigns to help those people who thinks they are ugly to gain their self-esteem.

So what if you don't have Pamela Anderson's boobs, Jessica Alba's body figure, Scarlette Johansson's pretty face?

You ARE beautiful :)

Click here to vote okay =)


After a week.........

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am so so so so so so so sorry that I haven't been updating for a week!


I'm somehow a tiny little bit busy..
With an online game.

Ahem, Nameless Ragnarok.
It's fun, and also helps to kill time too :D

My sin x with my friend

My high priest with my baby piggy


Die you ugly monster!!!

Here you go, bye!

Alright, I shall update the photos about this week!!!!

Thadsha and I paired up during Chemistry lesson and we did an experiment!
Hehe, the lesson was super crazyyyyyyyyy!!!

Ate Yoshinoya at Tampines.
It has been 100 years since I ate them..

Oh god, I WANT TO EAT IT NOW!!!!!!
The teriyaki chicken is simply....... YUMMY!

And Thadsha got sick of her food, so we took many many stuffs and started mixing everything together.

Her bodyshop foam, tissue paper, receipt, peach tea, salmon and sprite.


Okay, we saw a mirror...
(yeah, a mirror..)

Oh yeah, then I headed to her house and we were suppose to make MORE videos, but both of us were too lethargic and too full lor!


And here's a photo of the monster pushing her monsterous bed trying to cover the light.

Oh and she bought a sweet table lamp for me!!!!!!
(I paid her $2 -_-)

Then, I decorated it with the rose that Charmaine gave me on Valentine's day! =)
And some disney princess stickers on it.. LOL.


After school, we went to Whitesands, and I wanted to go Suntec City =(

But it was too late....
So Cherry, Jeslyn, Alicia, Thadsha and I just hanged out around at whitesands.

We bought some icecream for ourselves, but that Thadshayiniy woman had to leave!
(I gave her a camel face after that)

We were talking about where to go afterwards, and Alicia suggested going to Kbox.
Since I've never been to Kbox with friends, it was of course exciting!!!!

But before that, we headed straight to the Sushi shop first..

Jeslyn went to put her ice cream in the middle of the two fortune cats.

"See the cats like my icecream."

After buying, Jeslyn asked us whether we liked strawberries.

Suddenly she ran away and appeared with these sweet looking jellys!!


The jelly is so fine, and not like those $1, $2 jelly lor..

When you bite it, the jelly just makes you go... AHHHHHHH!!!!!

The strawberry is very sweet and juicy, and it's very very very nice!

Hehe, we went to Kbox but it was $13 per person.

So expensive and the woman purposely didn't want to introduce the package to us cuz it's cheaper right!!

We met Gina, Claire and Danette after that.
Went to bowling but there were no more lanes =(

Tired, yet fun!!!! =D


Photos and song

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Since I haven't been really updating, I shall update with a new song (that's currently top on my playlist) and some photos I took yesterday!!!!

I will update the photos that were taken at Thadsha sometime ;P

Ths song is Hollywood's not America by Ferras!!!!
(It's freaking nice!)

For some of my poor classmates, they've heard me singing to myself..
Oops, I hope I didn't hurt their eardrums. LOL.

Now, the photos!

Haha, but don't expect anything girly/bitchy, because the photos I took are all about the sunset.

But but but then, the sunset yesterday was exceptionally beautiful!!!!!!


This is my favourite!

I think it's just some rocket thing.

Alright, I guess that's all.


And I revised :D


Under the stars

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I walked under the stars that used to shine on me,
that used to make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world
but it seemed that tonight,
the stars aren't shining on me anymore

they gave me hope and
took it back again
and now
helpless is all i can feel

don't try to fix me
because it takes time to heal the wound

every teardrop
helps to mend the broken heart
all i can do now
is to embrace the happy memories

and let the tears flow


I walked for 30 minutes from Loyang Point to my house.

A great way to exercise and a good time to sort out my thinking while looking at the stars.


School's fabulous.


I wanna go out :(

It's been long since I went on a crazy outing with my dear friends!


A time to heal.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

There was a time when you loved,
There came a time when you hated,
There was a time when you felt you wanted to kill,

Now is the time for you to heal.

There was a time you were broken down,

Now is the time to build yourself up.

There was a time when you were at war in your being ,

And now, is the time to restore peace within.

-Justice Tay Yong Kwang read this adaptation of a Biblical passage, To Everything There Is A Season, just before passing sentence on national serviceman Dave Teo Ming yesterday.

I like this quote.

It really explain the meaning of life =)

Everyone will go through unhappy and happy times, and always, there'll be a period of time for them to heal....

Regardless of relationships, careers or loss of a loved one.

Time will heal the wound.

But now, it's a time for me to heal.......
and to restore peace within.

Sometimes, we should just cherish people around us rather than concentrating on those who are not around us..

P/s: I like the mini icecream and cupcake a lot, Trisha. Thanks! :D


Updates! (Malaysia,House,Blogskin)

Friday, July 04, 2008


Alright, I MADE A NEW BLOGSKIN!!!!!!!

click on the above link to see the blogskin

Yeah, I really love this layout!
I had a fun time making it, forgetting my worries and troubles.

There's so much to worry about.......

Anyway, I'm going to update with Thadsha's new house first!!!!!


Her kitchen bar desk

Living room

Alright, the messy kitchen table..

Her room!

Her walk-in closet

You've gotta take good care of your house!!
(I do not know whether I'll be dead or alive if she sees this photo)

Her house is pretty spacious, and I LIKE THE WALK IN CLOSET LOR.

She wanted to stay at her new house longer, so she ended not going tuition!
Haha, so we went to Tampines Mall to get her food while I could take 21 home.

But we were delayed by a few minutes because of a.................

TM: busy as usual!

Usual thing :x


Went over to her house again because I HAD TO PACK HER STUFFS.
(I am so freaking nice.)

LOL, I packed her dressing table while she dealed with her closet.



Totally not.

Just in case you don't know how she looks like now.........
A drastic change!!!!

Back to the topic of her house, after packing everything,
I sat on my chair and watched her running around the house like a chicken.


I know I'm super evil to sit there and laugh..
but I did help her to find her home clothes okay!

She looked super stress, so I lend her a helping hand by folding her clothes!!!


'Tearing' her tops away

A random photo

Bearbear wearing bigbig shades

She rushed over for tuition while I went home, tired and all.

BUT IT WAS FUN!!!!! =)


Today, I woke up with a heavy heart.
I told myself that I'll survive through this.
I'm tired.
I'm giving up.
I don't want to drag on anymore.
Perhaps letting go is the best way.................
Let's put an end to everything.
Because I know I deserve better.

(I love this part, because there're so many so many cool photos to upload!!!)

exploring the highway

When we reached Ipoh, it was already 4am!

Haha, so we went to the nearby coffee shop and ate breakfast.
I was so happy to see my cousin there lor!!!! =)

After eating, we went back to my aunt's house.

And as usual, my brother and cousin were playing as if they were gays.
(Don't worry, I'm strong enough to face this kind of situation)

Oh, the following afternoon, WE WENT TO SEE MY NEWBORN BABY COUSIN!!!!!!!

She is goddamn fucking cute okay!!
When she sleeps, she will make cute sounds like "Chuk.."

The great thing about Malaysia is that the farmers nearby will let cows around the neighbourhood and eat grass.

Stupid singapore farmers.

Anyway, I still can't figure out what are those white birds lor.

Anybody know??

That was my long long hair before the hairdresser 'chopped' it off..

Oh, and Kitty Meow darling!

Honestly, I miss you.....

In fact, I really do feel guilty for throwing toothpicks at you.
(Can't help it, I HATE CATS!)

(1 day after I came back to Singapore, a car ran over it.)
Talking about nine lives, bull shit.

The dog (left hand side) is a fucking expensive dog in Singapore!!!!!
While the left one, is pretty worthless :x

The cleaners are just lazy to clean the toilet bowl, admit it!!!

Bum City was having a discount, so I bought a Chanel necklace!!!
Ta-daaaaa :D

I think that this shirt is super super cool =)

I enjoy going to Malaysia's supermarkets because they are gigantic, humongous!!

And of course, since I'm not a local there, I can do anything I want..........


Alright, now it's my baby cousin's camwhoring time!!!

On that day I permed my hair, there was this event about raising funds to the Sichuan earthquake victims.

But the singers were all old people, and all the songs they sing were oldies.

Alright, so I left the place and went over to IMAX to find my cousin!

When we reached home, I SAW THIS CAR OUTSIDE MY AUNT'S HOUSE!!!!
(Apparently, our neighbour was going to get married in this sports car)

My mother, aunts and I were filled with jealousy la...

Okay, I'm going to be the next bride in there.

Penang trip,
We stayed there for 3 days 2 nights, and it was definitely super super fun!!!!!


Some kind of Penang free school.
(Lol, the first thing that came to my mind was, "Don't need to pay for school fees?")

It's surprising to see a Singapore dental clinic here..

I just hate this shopping mall, period.

Roosters are running wild everywhere!!

My aunt said that this kind of roosters are aggressive and love to fight!

Finally, we reached out our hotel,

This is NOT a waterfall, but a drain.

The facilities!

Hotel lobby

Balcony view

Super excited!!


Over 300 apartments

Lounge room (I paid a fucking RM10 to play the pool!)

I can't wait to jump in....

Swimming pool

Walking to our room

Actually, I was expecting something worse, but turns out to be pretty good actually!

Balcony with a beautiful view

Coffee maker!

Cool zone

He looks pretty happy there

Okay, I gotta admit that our balcony view IS SO GODDAMN COOL!!!

Sigh, he just love doing all these

My cousin look so artistic here, don't he? =)


After our lunch, we headed back to the hotel to swim!!!!!

Even though the security guards said that everyone have to wear their swimming costumes, he still allow me to swim in it as long as I was comfortable!

Okay, a very good guard indeed.

A beautiful sunset view by the poolside~

I made a lot of new friends!

Bridge to the beach

Buffet (It cost RM60 per adult, great.)

I like those chairs!!

Just in case you don't want to get wet, you can try your luck..

Had our breakfast here

Dinner at the roadside

Day 2
Monkey mountain

Don't you dare steal my food, you hairy monster!!

-cries silently-

"Great! I found a bun!!"

At night, we went to eat steak on the 'Ship'!!!
Our bills totaled up to RM267!

Oh well, we had a great day what.....

Tired=indulge in delicious food

The ship is really shaped this way! Hehe.

Anyway, I bought some things in Malaysia!!!

Firstly, some cannot be found in Singapore and are fucking cheap!

Oh, and guess what?

I came back with a beautiful wound on my leg.

Alright, I seriously have to go now, I have blogged for 5 whole hours!!!
Oh god.

I know it's a weird way to end the post, but my MSN IS EXPLODING SOON!!!!

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