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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I was talking on the phone with Jiawen and she confessed that she used my email to vote for her teeshirt! LOL!

So I went to the website.... and the tee shirts were fabulous!

I like Jiawen's one:
"Emo people don't wear pink."

So I used the account she created for me and I made a teeshirt too! =)

Lol, I'm not referring to me, but I'm referring to everyone.

Honestly, I believe everyone's beautiful in their own ways.
You don't have to have the looks to be beautiful.

Even if you do have a pretty face but a wicked heart, what's the difference?

Dove is launching campaigns to help those people who thinks they are ugly to gain their self-esteem.

So what if you don't have Pamela Anderson's boobs, Jessica Alba's body figure, Scarlette Johansson's pretty face?

You ARE beautiful :)

Click here to vote okay =)

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