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Friday, October 03, 2008

Today, we were supposed to WATCH MOVIE (House bunny), but turns out that we went to play basketball -_-

Weifeng keeps calling my handphone but in the end he wasn't there.
Apparently, he was playing lan with the guys and did not even want to study.

Okay fine, Thadsha and I didn't play, we watched.
And breasty, thanks for bringing 3 shorts for me!! And sorry that I didn't wear it :(

Michael, Terence, ChongJun, Gavin, Guang, Robson, Raymond, Kevin, Kenny, Clement and Leonard were there playing basketball before we reached.

Some of them were playing bare-footed, while some were playing with their shoes on.
That was why their feet were cut, or their skin came off.

Guys can never be gentle when it comes to playing.

During their break, Thadsha and I grabbed the basketball and started playing it.


We went to the nearby fitness corner and there was this HUGE bangala destroying the equipments there. Thadsha and I keep laughing, while SOMEBODY was emo-ing at the corner!

After that, we went to Elias Mall and ate at MacDonalds.
We saw Jessie and Rachel! ;)

Okay, I wanted to go E-hub but in the end, we had a change of plans so I went home after that.

Overall, it's very fun!!
Right Thadsha?? ;)

Especially when we were in the bus, and whitesands, keep laughing non-stop!!!!!

hehe, then she say,
"Walao, today now then I laugh!"

We saw a patch of black thing on the grass, and laughed like mad.

Oh well, thanks for the day people! Muacksssssssss :)

Hope we'll be able to watch it on Monday?


Please sign this talented girl up!
I want this song up in my handphone please :(

Sucker for Smiles by Jennifer Chung and Johnny Yang

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