Michael's Birthday

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm sick and I'm watching Vasantham now!

Lol, because my father's not here lor.
Just now he saw me watching that channel, and he say, "LAME LA, U UNDERSTAND MEH?"

Lol, but quite interesting to watch what!!
Deepavali Eve Live eh!

Anyway, yesterday was Michael's birthday.
Thadsha and I dressed until too formal already..

But it was a PARTY WHAT!!

Hehe, anyway I stole a few pictures from Thadsha's blog!
(Been to lazy to take pictures these days..)

Camwhore @ the bus stop :)

While the guys watched LOL

OooOps, Robson smashed the cake! Haha, no laa :)

Lit the candles.

Shaun is in charge of carrying the cake, LOL!

They tried surprising Michael with their dance and saying 'Kao PEH!" in the end.

But the dance was like.. hitting their knees?? LOL.

The cake was very nice, and it was S$50+!!!
Paid by Terence, haha.

Ate 2 plates of it :X

Then, we watched Terence's pirated Feast II, which was filled with gore and blood and everything, and mucus, and monsters humping on cats and monsters eating human beings upper body parts when they were having sex.


Anyway, back to photos.

I wanna ride the bike!! :(
(Weifeng and his MTV SHIRT!)

Breasty and me :)

Hot car. But i don't know what model. So just anyhow pose. hehe.

Amos wants to be in the picture too!

After the party, Dukes (Thadsha's brother) picked us up and drove me home.

Thank you!

Camwhored in the car, but his brother keep swerving around so we kept laughing non stop!!

Her brother and me :)

Me, Breastyy

I just did face mask!!

Haha, okay la. I wanna log off already. It's late already, goddamnit.

I have to get rid of the dark circles and eyebags :(

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