I miss all of you

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I miss all my friends.

But they are not picking up my calls.

I know you guys miss me talking shit.
Coz I miss talking shit to you guys too.

My baby cousin just pooped when I was holding him :)
It's green, it's squishy.

Why do you keep turning off your handphones :(


I was born to be a career woman

Monday, November 24, 2008

Haha, I don't belong to any of the housewife category.

Reason being is that............
I don't know how to fold clothes.
I don't know how to use the washing machine.
I don't know how to cook rice.

Which is why, these 'virtues' make me a...........


okay, so random.

I just found out this fact just now, because I realised that I can't do a simple task like................................................................

Okay fuck I am so irritated now, update tomorrow afternoon because I will be leaving 3 hours later for Malaysia :(


Birthday Surprise!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Omg, yesterday was damn surprising la!

I went to Thadsha's house, coz her mum was going to 'cook' for me, to celebrate my 15th birthday.

It was raining heavily, so Daddy sent me there.

I knocked the door, and waited for so long until she finally opened the door!!

When I went in, the decorations were up and it was damn beautiful laa!!
Colourful balloons were everywhere!!

Her sister, mother, brother and her brother's friend were all waiting for me, and I felt really touched :)

When I put down my things, ALL MY FRIENDS jumped out from Thadsha's sister's room one by one and I screamed -_-

I swear I was so shocked lor!!
There were Shaun, Leon, Amos, Weifeng, Terence, Jessie, Rachel, Guang and Eddy.

Haha, and Thadshayiniy was LAUGHING over there!!

Anyway, I love you all la.
The cake was very nice, all the efforts put in were very very very very sweet.

I love you all so much.

I love Weifeng's present! :D
(I'm bringing it to Malaysia with me)

At night, we bought snacks and rented movies: Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Las Vegas.
We watch the Las Vegas first, and it was super sweet!!

And Ashton Kutcher is so shuai can!!!

Shaun looks scary here.

We watched till 10pm+ and Shaun and I took a cab back home after that.

I hugged Thadsha and the balloon burst -_-
She ran up and got me another balloon, so right now, the balloon is currently resting on top of my bed :)

Anyway, photos from Saturday's celebration at Uncle's house!
(I don't have the ones I took with my family, my relatives, my cousins :()

Big Aunt helping to put candles into my tiramisu cake :)

Hiro wants to go out of the room!

Hiro loves me can!
(Coz i've got a very sweet scent; perfume la :P)

Angpao from Uncle Ricky :)

From my uncle and aunt :)

And much more angpaos, haha!

Tonight I'll be leaving for Malaysia.


Thanks Everyone for the birthday wishes!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I would like to thank these people for wishing me Happy Birthday, 12am:

1) Thadshayiniy
(Thanks for all the cute drawings and emoticons!! Hehe Love you darling :D)
2) Jiawen
(Thanks for smsing me at exactly 12am, just to wish me Happy birthday! Love you! :D)
3) Jessie
(Thanks for the birthday wish darl!)
4) Leon
(Calling me and saying Happy birthday s-l-o-w-l-y! LOL)
5) Weifeng
(For the missed call, and SMS, THANK YOU! :D)
6) Amos
(For wishing me, and calling me not to post it on my blog, but I did anyway)
7) Phil
(For drawing such a nice picture!)
8) XueYing
(For smsing me, which gave me a surprise! haha :D)
9) Aaron
(Wishing me via MSN! :D)
10) Vish
(Thanks for all the msges! Haha, I like the name Gladen :D)
11) Thadshayiniy's Mummy
(Thanks Auntie for the sweet wishes!!!!! :D)





A wolf in disguise.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Aww, Amos is so nice to ask me about my splinter wound.

Amos says:
Amos says:
are you okay?

OMG, this is absolutely the first time Amos has been so nice and polite.
Okay, maybe not the first.

The second time?
The first time was when he saw me cry in class -_-

After that,

Amos says:
then i shall cut your flesh
Amos says:
Amos says:
*takes out knnife*
Amos says:
Amos says:
hmm, got blood?
Amos says:
i think don't have cause you're a devil

Okay, I change my mind.

Bet that idiot don't even know I'm blogging this.


Interviewing the Jonas Brothers (Guest Appearances of Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus)
You'd better watch this, it's super hilarious.

America's got Talent - Busty Heart


Painful Splinter (AGAIN)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today, I went out with Yan Mae, Gina and Jiale!

It was supposed to be very exciting, but the wooden planks at Vivocity spoiled everything!!!

We were all walking barefooted, then I decided to kick the wooden planks..
The whole thing pierced through my skin!!!

I took it out, but the remaining wood broke into three pieces.

I swear it was fucking painful la, and my beloved friends walked me to Guardian to have the splinter removed.

The doctor couldn't do anything about it, so the other lady called the Vivocity first aid team to come down.

They placed a chair RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MALL, and then, he applied some watery thing on my wound, and started using the tweezer to poke my wound.

After 1 minute, I couldn't take it anymore and started crying madly.
LOL, Jiale hugged me the whole time, and called me not to look.

I could feel him slicing my flesh and taking out the splinter!!
It was so long okay, and he keep saying that it'll take some time cos the wound is too deep.

The KPO passerbys were pointing at me and saying, "Eeeeee.."
Luckily, the kind man shoo-ed them away!

This is my second splinter for the year, the first time was on Aces Day -_-

Anyway, here are the photos we managed to take today!
(The rest are in Yan Mae's camera)

Walking with style

Big big Xmas tree :)

Jiale deciding what to eat

Olden place hehe!

Hmmm.. I wanna eat that one leh.

Nevermind laa, we go see see first!!

Oh yeah, Gina bought a early b'day present for me!


I ate Yan Mae's prezzie :(

It was absolutely delicious kay!

After that, we went to the top floor (where all the shit happen) and started playing :)

The idiotic wooden planks

Nevertheless, it was fun!!

Thanks Gina, Yan Mae and Jiale for being there for me when I was crying and embarrassing you guys. (As usual)


My brother just went over to stayed at his friend's house.
He called me, and wanted to talk to my father.

I handed my handphone to my father, and he looked at the screen, waved and said, "Hello."

I looked at him, and tapped him, "Er, you have to put the handphone near your ears."
He thought that the contact photo of my brother was 3G -_-


Anticipated Formal Dinner!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Haha, the most anticipated formal dinner was just over!
(3 hours ago)

So after making up, wearing my dress, blah blah blah, I went down to meet Weifeng.
Waited for him for 45 minutes!

My feet was hurting like shit fuck, and I kept pestering him to come E Hub quickly.

Called Amos and Terence too, but they were unwilling to go E hub :(

So I had to wait for Weifeng, and we took a cab down to Whitesands, cos my feet was hurting so badly.

Okay after that, we met Amos, Terence, Yiyong and Leon at Whitesands.
After that, Shaun, Eddy and Michael came.

Oh ya, Terence lost his psp, and he got quiet for a while.
(Which means he's angry, haha)

I hate people who steal things la okay. Such fuckers they are.
Especially the one who stole Thadsha's handphone. The fucking thief still dare to hang up!

Here's Weifeng rolling up his 'paper' sleeves!

Michael helping him to look nice.

After that, we went to take the train, Thadsha and Guang hopped in.

We talked on the train, and Terence was complaining that I was embarrassing him -_-

Okay after that, we reached Marina Square, STILL have to walk in my heels to the Pariss Buffet place.

ALAS, we reached our destination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each of us had to pay S$40, so I had to borrow $10 from Yiyong.
But in the end, they decided to give one of us free, so each of us only had to pay S$35! :)

Alright, here are all the photos we've taken for tonight...

Hold your breath,
Because tonight will be the night that you're gonna see more than 50 photos...

Beautiful sunset

My japanese steamed egg!

Shark fin :D

Like a piggggg

Smart little boy

Ladies of the night





Im eating ice-cream, Weifeng!


Crazy gays :D

Think that this photo is damn cool :)

Me and Leon Lee :)


Casino Royale

Shortest, Short, Tall, Tallest

Oops, it's the toilet..

Arrange yourself people!

Shit you man!

Leon's sexy lips

Guang's head is gonna touch the ceiling

Had an absolutely fun day, people.



(Except the walking in my high heels part)

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