Jogging at East Coast Park

Sunday, November 16, 2008

(Continuing from the previous entry)
Finally, she woke up!!

Okay, so we decided to meet at 10am.

She didn't have her camera on that day, so all the bad quality camwhored photos are all taken from my handphone :(

WARNING: over 70 photos

New camwhore idea: Big magnified mirror


Haven't jog yet

So started camwhoring
While Thadsha's in the toilet, I decided to take a few photos


Went to Seven Eleven to get drinks, then there was this not bad looking indian guy who was looking at her straight when she went in and out of the store, oops! Heheh.

Preparing to jog

Smiling contently to herself

Drink water also must smile




Beautiful water

Jogged to the pier

Caught big fish

Found another big mirror


After that, I went to her house and we ate instant noodle that her maid cooked, hotdogs, seafood rings and fish nuggets!

We lied down awhile, then started painting each other's nails.

Hehe, she paint quite good eh!!!

She gave me some of her clothes, while the rest will be donated to my blogshop, good! :D

painted nails :)
(she's a pro)

Just now,
Daddy brought me to TM and we walked around, shopping for clothes.

Actually, this is the first time he's willing to shop lor!
I wanted a formal dress and a pair of heels for next thursday, and he agreed to pay for me!

After going to ALL the shops in Tampines Mall and Century Square, I bought a dress and a pair of pumps.
Well, the shoes part was easy to find la, but then the dress ah... -_-

Anyway, I love my pumps!

Hope I won't die on that day :)

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