Painful Splinter (AGAIN)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today, I went out with Yan Mae, Gina and Jiale!

It was supposed to be very exciting, but the wooden planks at Vivocity spoiled everything!!!

We were all walking barefooted, then I decided to kick the wooden planks..
The whole thing pierced through my skin!!!

I took it out, but the remaining wood broke into three pieces.

I swear it was fucking painful la, and my beloved friends walked me to Guardian to have the splinter removed.

The doctor couldn't do anything about it, so the other lady called the Vivocity first aid team to come down.

They placed a chair RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MALL, and then, he applied some watery thing on my wound, and started using the tweezer to poke my wound.

After 1 minute, I couldn't take it anymore and started crying madly.
LOL, Jiale hugged me the whole time, and called me not to look.

I could feel him slicing my flesh and taking out the splinter!!
It was so long okay, and he keep saying that it'll take some time cos the wound is too deep.

The KPO passerbys were pointing at me and saying, "Eeeeee.."
Luckily, the kind man shoo-ed them away!

This is my second splinter for the year, the first time was on Aces Day -_-

Anyway, here are the photos we managed to take today!
(The rest are in Yan Mae's camera)

Walking with style

Big big Xmas tree :)

Jiale deciding what to eat

Olden place hehe!

Hmmm.. I wanna eat that one leh.

Nevermind laa, we go see see first!!

Oh yeah, Gina bought a early b'day present for me!


I ate Yan Mae's prezzie :(

It was absolutely delicious kay!

After that, we went to the top floor (where all the shit happen) and started playing :)

The idiotic wooden planks

Nevertheless, it was fun!!

Thanks Gina, Yan Mae and Jiale for being there for me when I was crying and embarrassing you guys. (As usual)


My brother just went over to stayed at his friend's house.
He called me, and wanted to talk to my father.

I handed my handphone to my father, and he looked at the screen, waved and said, "Hello."

I looked at him, and tapped him, "Er, you have to put the handphone near your ears."
He thought that the contact photo of my brother was 3G -_-

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