Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I know I haven't updated my blog for 15 days.
And I haven't been online too.

It's not that I didn't get to use the internet or anything.

I've been online EVERYDAY, for almost 8 hours at the cybercafe.

I'm always playing online games :)

Seems that the online game I'm play (SDO-X) don't have much Singaporean.
So far, I've only seen 2 bloody Singaporeans lor.

It's super far la, at least much better than Audition.
SDO-X is much practical!

I've spent about RM80 on SDO-X because I really wanted the nicer clothings.
Now, I'm only lvl 16 BUT I've got two competition badges coz I came in 2nd in the competition :D

A few days ago, I called Thadshayiniy and we chatted for 11 mins!

That day was the first time in Malaysia I laughed so much and said so much vulgarities.
Aha, I was just too happy lor!!

Anyway, we'll be having a bbq party later. My aunt even bought a angel hairband for me!!
Haha, it's damn cute.

My brother's got a reindeer hairband.

And when am I coming back?
27th December :)

Luckily my aunt lent me her laptop so I can surf the net at her house.
So yup, here are 1/10 of the photos in my camera :)

This is 1/9 of the pictures from Penang.
Lazy to post all la, I'll post all when I get back to Singapore :)

My aunt :)

And that's me!

Introducing the cutest thing on earth!
My precious

"oo-ga-ga.." (Okay fine, i know she don't make such retarded sound)


I'm gonna keep this photo in my pocket, coz it's the sweetest photo ever :)

Me and my brother :)

Oh yeah and yesterday my aunt brought me to a pub called Voodoo.
Absolutely NO cute guys at all.
..... Okay, maybe one.

The place is pretty cool, because downstairs is a club and upstairs is a pub. (eh that rhymes!)

Christmas tree :)

The bar counter (which is so cool) and see the bucket of ice?
No I didn't drink alcohol, but I drank a glass of orange juice which cost Rm16.90.

People can sing karaoke here..

and play pool.. (when I saw this, I thought about Thadshayiniy!)

Sang a couple of songs.. and a couple song with my aunt.

So that's about it, because I have to go now and prepare for tonight's countdown!

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