Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh my god, I've been so busy these days.

Common test is here, but my last paper is ending this thursday :)
Oh anyway,


Haha :D

Anyway last saturday, Daddy brought us to Changi village as there was some sort of 'pasar malam' there. It's damn cool la!!!!!!

I bought 2 set of gold bangles at only $1 each!
Don't know why but I find it super glam! Haha ;)

Ok ignore the powerpuff girls background

I also bought a pair of shades. Super pretty!!!!!!!!


Oh yea, after that we went Ikea and Giant and ended up going home at 12am..
Very tired, but managed to go home and play my SDO until 5am! =_=

The result of boredom

Anyway, I love our class outfit!!!!!!
Hope to get it as soon as possible man, then I have something additional to wear when I go out with my friends. Hehe.

Sorry Jiawen I was being so quiet today :(

I think I'm fatter, fuck.


Some overdue photos!

Friday, February 20, 2009

This is absolute fun in the cab

This was like the day before Valentine's day, and we hung out until 1am +

Initially I wasn't wearing this dress, but Thadshayiniy insisted that I should get another dress for something ;) Hahaha.

See her heart shaped necklace from me!! Pretty right :)

I got a pair of Cotton On shoes for myself too! It's so cute can!!!!
It's a valentine's day present for myself :)

Anyway, yesterday's chemistry lab lesson was so fun la!
Finally, I understand what I'm doing. Usually last year, Mr Seet brought us to the lab and mix this and that but I don't even understand what it's for =_=

Now, I know it's to find out what is the thing using Sodium Chloride, and it's so cool!!!!!!!!!!
(Mrs Grace Low is our current chemistry teacher :D)

Just now, me and Thadshayiniy went to watch Pink Panther 2!!
At first we went to drink bubble tea lor, cos she wanted to buy almond milk shake..

Went to watch people bowl and one of the them was fucking funny!!!
He had 0 straight for almost all the games and after 10 games only have 19 points =_=

He keep bowling to the drain there and we keep laughing non stop LOL.

Then after that, we decided to watch a movie.
Guess what we brought to the theater?????
  • Seafood basket
  • Ham
  • Sushi
  • Her chilli snack

Fat day :(

Haiz, I miss going out!!
Whether it's window shopping, shopping, trying out clothes, staring at hot guys @ orchard, drinking starbucks, walking at boat quay, meeting for dinner, going ecp and random outings, I miss them all okay!!!!!!


Don't say it if you don't even know it

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Walao, some people are just so fucking stupid in the society..
They don't even goddamn understand the dialect and they just use it as if they know it very well.

They don't know how sinful it is to use it to scold others' parents.

This year secondary ___ students are fucking horrible, I swear.
They're the WORST batch ever. I SWEAR TO GOD. *#^%&$!

They act like they've got big balls, walk like dogs, and talk like they are deaf or something.

Stick to your hokkien and swear la.
More suitable for you.

Don't use cantonese to swear, the dialect is too beautiful for swearing.

But nevertheless, they go and 'diu their cipek and zhong fan shee", "diu si hung" la.
So fucking "lanci."

Argh, I don't know why I'm so affected, but I've heard enough.

Let me vent my anger on my blog just for this once.

Die a million times la fuckers. Rot in hell, and get savoured by beasts.
Oh no, I don't even think the beasts will even want to touch their smelly dead bodies.

P.S: I think I'm pms-ing. So ignore this post if you find it offensive.

School days..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I dread weekdays.
They're so tiring :(

Now it's like 6:54am, and about 15 mins I'll leave my house.
Argh, tired!!!!!!!!!!


Felicia Tin's Birthday

Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy birthday Felicia!
Your birthday party was definitely a blast :)
Super fun la!!!

Anyway, here are some of the photos I managed to grabbed from Marinah and Thadsha.

I miss hanging out with you guys..

2/7 '07 + Prcs students :)

2/7 girls!


Oh god, this photo...
I GOT HIT ON THE NOSE, and I still remember how fucking painful it was!!

I like this photo!
Because Thadsha and I were sitting by the pool thing~ u can slide down, something like wild wild wet! Super fun!!!!!!!!!! :D

The water seems like there are heads in it................. :l

Aqilah and me! :) I feel so tall beside her, oops. HAHA.

Haha, I like this pose we had that day!!

Pucker lips

I thought they were doing some funny pose, so it turns out to be like that..


Played the game truth or dare, but i'm obliged to post details about it.

"Whatever remains here remains here!"

Okay maybe one funny one - Felicia had a birthday kiss from Darren on her cheeks! :D


Happy Birthday Terence, Nadiah, Raymond!

Sunday, February 01, 2009


We went Sakura Buffet to eat but Nadiah couldn't come.. :(

They're officially 16!
Haha, they're so lucky right.

They can watch NC16 movies already, wtf!


Raymond the birthday boy!

Terence the birthday boy!

Many people turned up~

Oh no, Aqilah's gonna vomit..

The caption for this photo is "Aqilah is full :)" HAHA.

Birthday boy~


"Blah blah blah.. "

Amos and his infamous middle finger =_=

OMG, I don't know what do you call this, but it's freaking nice!!

Haha, see the number of plates! So full already lor

1/2 of the people that showed up :)

After that, some of them went home while we stayed on.
Wanted to watch movie, go kbox etc, but everything was cancelled!

We stood outside Ehub, while the boys were grabbing each other's balls, Jeslyn and I were camwhoring =_=

LOL. Ok it's so normal :)
We're just trying to 'get more photos for her blog'.

Some of the photos were really ugly, so I'm NOT going to post them up ok :(

Oh yeah, I took photo with the cancer patient!!!!!!

I heard that he had brain tumor so he HAVE to wear the cap..

Cancer boy and me :)

Birthday boy and me :)

"Eh I look quite handsome in that photo hor?"
That's what he said -_-

Oh ya, and that's all :)

(Stole it from my cousin)

These photos are much more appropriate compared to the previous ones!

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