Don't say it if you don't even know it

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Walao, some people are just so fucking stupid in the society..
They don't even goddamn understand the dialect and they just use it as if they know it very well.

They don't know how sinful it is to use it to scold others' parents.

This year secondary ___ students are fucking horrible, I swear.
They're the WORST batch ever. I SWEAR TO GOD. *#^%&$!

They act like they've got big balls, walk like dogs, and talk like they are deaf or something.

Stick to your hokkien and swear la.
More suitable for you.

Don't use cantonese to swear, the dialect is too beautiful for swearing.

But nevertheless, they go and 'diu their cipek and zhong fan shee", "diu si hung" la.
So fucking "lanci."

Argh, I don't know why I'm so affected, but I've heard enough.

Let me vent my anger on my blog just for this once.

Die a million times la fuckers. Rot in hell, and get savoured by beasts.
Oh no, I don't even think the beasts will even want to touch their smelly dead bodies.

P.S: I think I'm pms-ing. So ignore this post if you find it offensive.

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