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Friday, February 20, 2009

This is absolute fun in the cab

This was like the day before Valentine's day, and we hung out until 1am +

Initially I wasn't wearing this dress, but Thadshayiniy insisted that I should get another dress for something ;) Hahaha.

See her heart shaped necklace from me!! Pretty right :)

I got a pair of Cotton On shoes for myself too! It's so cute can!!!!
It's a valentine's day present for myself :)

Anyway, yesterday's chemistry lab lesson was so fun la!
Finally, I understand what I'm doing. Usually last year, Mr Seet brought us to the lab and mix this and that but I don't even understand what it's for =_=

Now, I know it's to find out what is the thing using Sodium Chloride, and it's so cool!!!!!!!!!!
(Mrs Grace Low is our current chemistry teacher :D)

Just now, me and Thadshayiniy went to watch Pink Panther 2!!
At first we went to drink bubble tea lor, cos she wanted to buy almond milk shake..

Went to watch people bowl and one of the them was fucking funny!!!
He had 0 straight for almost all the games and after 10 games only have 19 points =_=

He keep bowling to the drain there and we keep laughing non stop LOL.

Then after that, we decided to watch a movie.
Guess what we brought to the theater?????
  • Seafood basket
  • Ham
  • Sushi
  • Her chilli snack

Fat day :(

Haiz, I miss going out!!
Whether it's window shopping, shopping, trying out clothes, staring at hot guys @ orchard, drinking starbucks, walking at boat quay, meeting for dinner, going ecp and random outings, I miss them all okay!!!!!!


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