It's been a busy week

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ok great, I haven't been blogging for 2 weeks.
Haha, I've been really busy!

You know, with all the tests and piles of homeworks, I don't even have freetime for myself anymore.

Well, even if I do, I'll be busy with the book that Thadshayiniy had lent to me. MARKED!


It's about vampire, just that the vampyres in the book aren't scared of garlic~
Haha, quite nice!

Anyway, yesterday we had out group study!
Met Jessie first and went to Superdog to study for a brief 15 mins, LOL.

In the end, we stopped and just walked around while Leon and Aloysius went to play pool -_-

Haha, so Jessie went to her house and changed her bag, after that we went to the library and borrowed books.

After that, went back to downtown to meet Leon, Amos, aloysius and cherry.
Haha, sorry that I left early! :(

Anyway, I went home and my dad drove to Kailin's house to pick them both up.

Went East coast park's food village~


Now, I can't hear songs when I'm out and can't even take any photo :(


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