Do Singaporeans dress badly?

Friday, June 05, 2009

(Nuffnang Blogging Contest)

Excuse me, how is it possible that Singaporeans dress badly?
Take a look around when taking public transports during weekdays!

Teenagers are dressing even better than some adults lor!!

Compared to the past, when teenagers wear knee-length skirts and their sports shoes with long sling bags that hang around their butt?

Oh pleaseeeeeeeeee.


(Some irrelevant stuffs, but I just have to add it!)
When you're preparing for a girls' night out, you can miss out anything (shaving your armpits or whatever) but just don't miss out your PRECIOUS ACCESSORIES.
Accessories do wonders. Don't belittle them ok!

These small little things can make a great impact in your dressing style, SO it's a must have!!!

My current obsession is my F21 butterfly necklace~~

Don't be so boring la, start wearing more accessories!!


Even though there may be glam and glitz around in Singapore, there are still some unsightly styles in Singapore I really loathe. Well, it's either they're too retarded or freakishly weird.

Some trends that didn't last long, and didn't look good either.

Clown skinny jeans

After that, some idiot came up with skinny jeans in....... two different colours.
It's like the left leg is red and the other right leg is white -_- Okay, maybe even some ridiculous colours.

I swear that's the worst worst worst worst worst worst worst fashion style ever in history.
Such a big disgrace, yucks.

Those jeans were made for clowns. Period.

Long Gladiator Sandals
Hey, met the Spartans yet? They look so freaking weird.

I wish there are things like fashion police so they'll catch people who wear such ridiculous gladiators!

Really, I have a great grudge against these unsightly spartan looking like sandals that are out to ruin the world of glamour and fashion.

Enough of such horrible fashion taste. They're good enough to make me vomit.


Now, there're still some styles that I really love so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Oh my god :)
Stunning styles that leave me so.... breathless.

Heels + Boots, what do you get?

I swear I love that person who created ankle boots, because it's just so...... gorgeous. I'm saving up. Saving up for a pair of ankle boots.. (Stupid, isn't the Great Singapore Sales coming?)
They are the new sex, baby.

-Waist belt
They are totally your life savers during days when you look really... fat.

-Just a simple black dress
Black dresses never die out. They only look more stunning, as time goes by.

Well, it's up to every individual - We all have our own opinion about fashion..
But I really hate those long gladiators. Singapore should just ban them.

Hmm, I remember last year when I was in Malaysia, my relatives were about to sleep when my cousin suggested to go eat supper. So......... I went out in my pyjamas!

I guess it was a decision I regretted making, 'coz everyone started to stare at me as if I was a freak! In Singapore, I would wear my shorts and some old comfy T-shirts to sleep since the weather was kinda warm.

In Malaysia, my aunt would set the air con temperature at 16 celsius that I have no choice but to wear those old fashioned pyjamas. (Long sleeve and long pants; those ah pek types la)

But guess what! No matter how ugly your pyjamas looks, you can glam it up with accessories!!!!

Whoever said that you can't look good in your pyjamas huh?
You can camwhore whatever you want k!

I can't help taking photo with the hello kitty that Jiale gave me as
my bday present 2 years back!

Well, it proves that you don't have to wear pretty clothes just to get nice photos taken :)

Well, let's proceed to trying it out with your bestie........

Okay, I have no idea what we're doing so just leave it the way it is :)

Woops :x

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