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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can't wait for it!!

My new toy! :)
Samsung M7600

My Forever21 bangles that I ordered online came!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally love it.
Thanks to my father who made the transaction for me hahahah
It's super pretty daddy!



Super great deals for people like... me!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

got THREE good deals to share with you guys right now!

Offer 1
Makeupstash's giving away 10 Watsons Stretchable Mask in Herbal Evening Primrose!

To win this:

1. Join the Watsons Glow Facebook Group, if you haven't already.
2. Leave a comment on the wall linking to any Makeup Stash! post that mentions a Watsons house-brand product. (Hint: You could use the search box on this site! ;)).
3. Come back to this entry and leave a comment on this blog post with your email address and Facebook user name (if you're uncomfortable with revealing these details, you could email me privately but you must leave a comment to let me know).

If you are already in the Glow group, you are also eligible for this giveaway! Simply leave a comment on the wall and let me know here.
Why waste money to buy something that you can get it for free by using a small amount of your brain cells?

Got it from tweetsg's twitter post!

Offer 2
I have always been a lover of Seoul Garden's food(especially the prawns!), and ladies, there is a 50% off for ladies night at Seoul garden every monday to wednesday!! (valid til 26th august)

  50% off for Ladies Night @ Seoul Garden - every Mondays to Wednesdays!

Ladies, this is specially for you... Come and experience sizzling fun at all Seoul Garden restaurants with a 50% off by presenting this email print out.

Click click:
50% for ladies!! (Seoul garden)

Thanks to Mrs Suzy Ang for emailing me the offer! Haha :)

Offer 3
Honestly, I think this is the best!!

Ever heard of Fr3b?
They're opening a sampling concept store at Stamford House, #03-05 which is a 5 minutes walk from City hall Mrt Station!

You're able to redeem 1 Acnes Medical Trial pack and Acnes Medical notebook plus 1 Teenage magazine FREE
NOT ONLY THAT, you can get free eyebrow trimming+ drawing (you can to choose the colour, how exciting!!) and free massage by professional massues, together with a voucher for eye brow embroidery and a face/body spa worth $160 for free!

There's free makeover by profession makeup artiste and a voucher from Sasa makeup store!!

Perry Ellis is also throwing in 1 free Perry Ellis Fragrance Vial!!  (Perfume, i think)

Click here for all the details (For Fr3b Opening bash)

You don't have to buy unnecessary things when you can get it for free! (Or at a lower rate!)

Anyway, I bought a pair of black contact lens!!!!!!!!
It's really natural, cos the sides of the black lens will blend together with the pupil, thus creating a natural look!

Well, that money was well spent 'cos I love it a lot! :)

I skipped today's detention.. Wonder what will happen tomorrow :(

After a freaking 6 months (probably) I've decided to post a new blogskin onto! Hahaha, I like the layout myself too hehehe.



Somebody come fix this PLEASE

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Something is wrong with my blogger, seriously!!

Anyway, I have been late 2 times in a row for this week already...


Update: I managed to resolve the problem already! I'd like to express my appreciation for your help, Helen! :)

Anyway, if you guys are having any crazy problems with your blogger, just visit this link provided by her: Resolve it!


Miss me?

Monday, July 27, 2009

What the hell is with Blogger now?!
That retarded problem is acting up again... -_-

Oh well, I update Twitter more than Blogger these days, as I can summarise all the quick events that have happened during the day on Twitter!

Hahahah, my twitter updates are updated automatically at the side bar, below the section 'Advertorial.'

Or you can just follow me at

Anyway, I feel so bored right now :(
In a desperate attempt to complete all my revision and homeworks so I can read my book/blog or anything okay!!!

I know I have to love the O levels, even if I don't.

It's the truth....... Well, kind of a fact..


I didn't go for today's detention, then it got tripled and Mr Singh might even just announce those people who didn't turn up today for detention over the PA system tomorrow morning...... :(



Hillsong concert

Monday, July 27, 2009

OI! My blog is not dead yet..

Anyway, to revive my blog, a pleasant photo for you all from Hillsong's concert! (Sat Night)
Someone gave up his ticket so I could actually attend it..

I took this!! :)

Blogger is badshit

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I don't know why Blogger don't work well anymore!!!! ARGH
I can't even make my words bold/italics/slanted or whatever!!!!!

Nor can I upload photos or anything!

Well I just came back from supper with my family. Feeling a bit fat :(

Life is filled with misconceptions and mysteries at times.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

I suck at balancing my life.


Happy birthday Jomanda!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Didn't join you guys for dinner but hope you like everything! Haha, it was very fun to trick her :)

Anyway, after that ran to Heart of God church with my broken shoes.
IT WAS SUPER FUN! The people were very friendly, so ya.. Hehe :)

Okay, I'm dead tired and this is just a really quick update.
I shall update about the entire thing tomorrow.



Feeling poor

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I WAS supposed to save $2 everyday, but now seems like I'm not anymore. Walao :(

Don't call me to eat TOO expensive food after school OK!!!

Anyway, I passed my geography development test!!
Most of my marks were penalised due to some retarded mistakes. -_-


Hahahah, yes my photoshop skills sucked so much when I was in primary 6!
(Oh yes, my photobucket album has been with me since primary 6)

Ragnarok was an online fighting game I loved to play when I was 12..
Hmm, I kinda miss it can!!

It's like the best online game I've ever played and I miss my priest :(

Something random which I think will disgust Weifeng so badly.
I just got my peeee-reeee-yeert!


Pretty cupcakes!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh my god, aren't these cupcakes lovely?

They look too pretty to be eaten la!!
Haha, they're designed and made by CupcakeMomma.

Well, they're pretty famous because companies like Norton (You know the anti virus company?) even went up to them to help design a "Norton Cupcake"!

Their cupcakes can just make your mouth water lor!!!

Not to mention, the price is super pretty too!!
The exclusive designed ones are going from $3 per cupcakes -_-

So expensive, but so pretty!!!!!!!

Anyway, I JUST DID A QUIZ!!!!!!!

Look at the results I got:

1-st question. Priorities in your life:

2-nd question:
cute implies your own personality.
ugly implies personality of your partner.
disgusting implies the personality of your enemies
nice- It is how you interpret sex.
calm implies your own life.

Click HERE to do the quiz, because the outcome is pretty unexpected!
Well, they say it's based on your perception on things, and it somehow links back to your personality.

Go tryyyyyyyyy!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today, I went City Harvest Church with Weifeng, Cherry, Amos, Shaun and Guang!!
It was super fun!!!!!!!!!
(Even though Cherry and I were late, we made it in time for the concert)

I love the songs, and the people were quite friendly actually, especially Guang's cell group members.

There was this point of time when the pastor called us to eat this tasteless biscuit but before that, we have to confess all the things we've done, seeking God's forgiveness. After eating the biscuit, we drank the juice.

The pastor's preaching was quite enlightening, and along the way I've picked up a few things. He was very cool and motivational, everyone was scribbling in their books away.

Your grace is enough
More than I need
At Your word I will believe
I wait for You
Draw near again
Let Your Spirit make me new

I think I wanna go for the CHC's 20th anniversary next saturday/sunday!!

Anyway, something irrelevant......
I went to SGfriends and I saw this!

(Don't know who the hell came up with such a disgusting thing!!!!!!!)

They collect living cockroaches

Mixing and squashing the coachroaches

Let's apply

See the legs?!

Well, I just took my medicine again..
Hehe, hope I'll feel dizzy soon so I can drop dead on my bed :)



Thursday, July 09, 2009


I've got flu and cough, so I didn't go school this morning. Hehe.

Thank god, I took this opportunity to complete my SS homework..
And I keep sleeping because of the medicine!!!!!!!

Don't worry, I didn't get H1N1 or something :)
Just a normal flu and cough that's all..

I feel kinda bored.



Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I love this song!
It's a cantonese song sang by Hongkong's famous singer, Joey Yung.

I can't sing much, (cos I suck at reading hard cantonese words) but I love the lyrics!!
Whenever I hear this song, I will think of my aunt..

Well, she's the one who kept letting us hear..

She always says that this song express her feelings. :(

These few days, Thadshaiyiniy has been coming my house and we're having loads of fun!!!!!!!! Haha, all the jogging, webcaming, recording of 'music videos' etc.



PRCS 10th Anniversary

Sunday, July 05, 2009

After 2 days of not being able to upload photos, I can finally upload now!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday's 10th Anniversary was a blast, and it was simply so nice to see all our seniors and ex-teachers again. We even sat together with students who graduated in the year of... 2003? (I can't recall)

Anyway, Jessie came over to my house and I was damn fussy (and slow) because I was complaining how fat I was. -_-

I am so sorry, Jessie. LOL.

We reached late, so had to stay downstairs until Mr Ong's speech was over.. Yeah I know, it was super long cos we camwhored for quite sometime before going up.

We received a goodie bag that consist of a PRCS booklet that shows all the events that's been happening this past few years, a PRCS limited edition teddy bear and a PRCS file.

Me and Jiawen! It's been so long both of us took photos already!!

Haha, I love herrrrrrrr :)

Girls at the table

Denise, Liyana, Me, Cherry

Cherry, Me, Jiawen, Thadsha

Brandon, Cherry, Me, Jiawen, Thadsha, Liyana

Me and Thadsha; We love the background!!

Cherry and me :)

PRCS limited edition teddy bear...?

Denise, Liyana, Me, Cherry, Alicia

Jessie and me :)

Jiawen and me :)
(Look at the camera behind -_-
It was live can! Walao that means we embarassed ourselves already)

I feel so fat beside this skinny woman :(

Me, Cherry, Ms Koh and Thadsha! :)

Shot 2

Nawfie!! Haha, thadsha and i always disturb him during sec 2 heheh

Haha, his action is the same as the previous one -_-

Mrs Grace low and us!

Girls at the tableeeeeee 27

Disturbing Mr Leong who forgot my name

Me and Ghost teacher

Table 27!

Me and Zakee :) It's been so long since I saw him!

This looks better

Me and Iris!

Jiahao and me :)

Hanbin and me :)

Afiq and me :)

Me and Charmian :)

Me and Michael (sorry I uploaded this photo! LOL)

A better one :)

Me and Cherryy :)

Jessie, Me, Cherry

With Mdm Phyllis tan!

Miss Kek!


Ms Foong!

Mrs Sheri!

Us, again..

And again..

Me and Michael

Faisal and me

Me and Thadshayiniy

Haha, she love me!!

Aqilah and me :)

Constance and me


Me and jessie

Me and huimin

Mr choo!

mr shafi

@ dte chilling out


The day was over so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sigh, miss it so much :(

Anyway, Thadsha came over to my house today and we made some retarded webcam moving photo for her MSN display picture. HAHA, super fun!!!
After that we went to facebook and talk about 10th Anniversary and went jogging after that!

Walao, it was super tiring and we went to central to eat..

Drank bubble tea and went home to watch Prometheus and Bob on Youtube and we laughed our ass off!! HAHAH!

Gotta go, byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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