Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today, I went City Harvest Church with Weifeng, Cherry, Amos, Shaun and Guang!!
It was super fun!!!!!!!!!
(Even though Cherry and I were late, we made it in time for the concert)

I love the songs, and the people were quite friendly actually, especially Guang's cell group members.

There was this point of time when the pastor called us to eat this tasteless biscuit but before that, we have to confess all the things we've done, seeking God's forgiveness. After eating the biscuit, we drank the juice.

The pastor's preaching was quite enlightening, and along the way I've picked up a few things. He was very cool and motivational, everyone was scribbling in their books away.

Your grace is enough
More than I need
At Your word I will believe
I wait for You
Draw near again
Let Your Spirit make me new

I think I wanna go for the CHC's 20th anniversary next saturday/sunday!!

Anyway, something irrelevant......
I went to SGfriends and I saw this!

(Don't know who the hell came up with such a disgusting thing!!!!!!!)

They collect living cockroaches

Mixing and squashing the coachroaches

Let's apply

See the legs?!

Well, I just took my medicine again..
Hehe, hope I'll feel dizzy soon so I can drop dead on my bed :)

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