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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My cousin's good friend who used to work in my grandma's restaurant in Malaysia came here to work in Singapore a few months ago.

Occasionally, I'd drop by Takashimaya and find him and catch up with him and ask him questions like, "Eh you got go back Ipoh blah blah blah.." He's quite a close friend of mine, 'coz in Malaysia we'd all hang out together and laugh over stupid things.

Alright, so apparently yesterday the news reported that there was this man who killed himself after he killed his daughter and son.

SINGAPORE: A man is believed to have set fire to his flat on Saturday night before falling to his death.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) firefighters forced their way into the sixth floor unit of block 543, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 to tackle the blaze.

They found the man’s five—year—old son and three—year—old daughter in a bedroom.

However, the children were pronounced dead shortly after attempts to resuscitate them.

Source: Yahoo

Surprisingly he told me that the deceased was actually his.... boss!!

So coincidental can!

I didn't tell him straight in the face (about his boss) but I feel that probably the worst thing one can ever do is to drag your loved ones with you to hell when you end up in huge debts.

Come on, his son may be the president/prime minister of Singapore and his daughter may be the editor of... Cleo?!

I can't wait for Prom night because Mrs Ong, other teachers, my classmates and my ex classmates
are going to go groooovy and moooovy!!

Thing is I can't wait to dye my hair just that I have to wait until the day my prom night is over :(

Come on, my hair deserves a good makeover right??
Enough for the asian-y blackish hair.. Arghhhh..

Anyway, pictures!

This photo was taken at the highway when my father was driving us
outside the town area on Sunday!

Beancurd dessert. Super nice leh!! Out of the world man :)

Saturday supper @ Changi village

My parents kept on nagging at me not to take photos of the surroundings of Changi Village at that hour (it was around 1am already) but I refused to listen.

So I ended up deleting a photo when I discovered 'something.' :(

Anyway, Xuan Le dim sum!!

You guys absolutely have to visit Xuan Le 轩乐 Dim Sum when you go Changi Village.
Whenever we go there for supper, it's always Xuan Le because their dim sums are so nice!!

I just can't get enough of their prawn thinggy with mayonaise.
Hehe :)

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