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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh well, just so if you are wondering where on earth I am right now...

Yes, right.
(Go there every school vacation, so easy to guess lor...)

On the first day, I already went shopping and there was a freaking Vincci sale!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vincci sells gorgeous shoes, and I got a nice pair of shoes for 50% off okay!

After that went to eat Sushi King, which is so much nicer than Singapore's Sakae Sushi or Sushi Tei or Hei Sushi or whatever.

You know you rocks

Hehehehehe ;) I'm WATCHING my weight okay.

Authentic peach jelly with real peach slices in it!


Malaysia's neoprint machines are quite good..


A few days ago, I did something to my hair :)

Medium Auburn!

Yes, and I cut my hair too.
I guess I shouldn't have a young hairdresser cut my hair the next time.

It's quite shitty actually.



Fine, at least pretend you like it.


P/S: I'll be back in Singapore.. probably after christmas. Don't sms me unless there's a need to. You don't wanna risk your handphone bill.. See, I'm so nice, hehehe.

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