Ipad -_-

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Apple came up with the Ipad.. And I think it's so weird can!!

I thought it looked quite ugly too -_-

Will you carry the Itampon? Oops, I mean Ipad.
I don't even think you can possibly type anything fast in it.

Saw it in the newspaper when I was working..

It's sort of a portable ebook la, readily accessible anytime to the internet if there's wifi, but isn't it a bit too much....?


It's so ugly it sucks like shit ass damnit. Super disgusting like hell and I don't even dare to look into the mirror anymore. Walao wei....... :(

I miss my long hair so so so so so so so much now :(

Sorry for the lack of update, I'll try not to be that lazy...................


Just like a pig

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My hamster gave birth -- again.

This time, I'm able to witness the birth of the cute little "hamlings!" They look exactly like Piglet in Winnie the Pooh's tv shows. At the same time, I thought they kinda resemble a human foetus too. Hmm..

The week we went back to Malaysia it gave birth for the first time, so my father had to take care of it.. (But did I mentioned that he's afraid of hamsters?! He don't even dare to change the bedding -_-)

Oh well. This afternoon I'm going to meet up with all my primary school friends and we're having a chalet!! It's been centuries since I saw them.. Joelle and I were laughing over someone like madass over the phone last night!

I miss her so much :)

I couldn't recognize her voice at first.. until SHE LAUGHED. HAHAHA. Her laughter is the one and only in the world lor, so it's very easy to know it's her!!

Anyway, I've been (trying to) sleep normally and maintaining my weight okay.. It's very difficult to cope when you're constantly wandering unknowingly into the kitchen and getting tempted by all the junk food. Argh.

Oh and I've been picking up some photoshop skills lor..
Like some good photoshop effects to turn a hopeless photo into something beautiful.

This photo was initially taken in Malaysia

Anyway, I'm so freaking worn outtt.

Shall update tomorrow! (I mean later!)

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New effects

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"I have opinions of my own -- strong opinions -- but I dont always agree with them."


.... What the..?!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dunnoe why his voice is super high..

And he behaves like those down sydrome kids -_-

Too bad he disabled embedding if not you guys can watch it.


I wanted to pee so badly :S


Pulled off safely!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Today was the release of our results, and I was getting all jittery and nervous this morning.
In fact, I was freaking out the whole time!!

"What if I got 20?! How am I going to handle all the emotions stirring inside of me at that point of time??! What am I going to say to my parents?"

I met Jessie and Thadsha in the afternoon and we walked to school in our school uniform..
It felt as if we were schooling again!

We went to the school hall and they wrote there,

"To repeat, please see Mr Azhar."

Like wth??

Haven't show result and they already showed us that sentence..

I tried asking the teachers but they just smiled and shook their head, which made me more anxious!!

So the top scorers went on stage and shed a few tears of joy, and everyone were super happy for them. (Even though we wanted our results badly)

When I saw my results, I was sooooooooooooooo relieved!!!!!!!
Because I can get into the course I want lor!!!!! (And considering the fact that I didn't get what I thought - 20 points)

So now, I shall update about Somerset @ 313, Jiale's birthday and 4/5's outing to farmway with Mrs Ong!

Somerset @ 313

I regret to tell you that we took photos of ourselves on that day only, heheh.

Apparently, I was checking out the directory because I recalled that I was starving like shit and was hoping there was ramen/hong kong cafe within the mall..

Walao, but that time all the food outlets were not opened yet, so irritating can!!!!

Finally decided - Food of Republic.

Okay, I forgot why we went Takashimaya for?

OH YA, Thadshayiniy treated me to Yogurt Place's yogurt!!

And it tasted quite like paper. Hehe.

Went Heeren to walk around..
Indeed, it was pretty isolated (as reported online) as compared to Orchard Ion and 313! There was only a few people hanging around in that mall..

Why would you want to open so many shopping malls in the same area??!! -_-

But whatever it was, we really had loads of fun that day!! :)

Jiale's 17th Birthday

I was late that day!
Because I went home and fell asleep on the bed :x

But anyway, the present I wrapped for Jiale kinda tore when I kept it inside my bag.. :(
Still, happy birthday darling!!

Oldest among us, HAHAH!!!
(Of course the youngest is behind her lor, hehe :x)

Okay, so we went to the park and camwhored a while..
Not a while, prolly a LONG while.

*swoosh swoosh*

Prawning with 4/5!

Kang Yan Mae!!
You know how many photos I take because you thought the prawn didn't look good in it?!


Hmm, I wonder how do prawns make love??

This prawn was pregnant.. (Look at the orange eggs!)

Journey of the spooky roaddddd

I think we're the ones who are spooking you guys out. Haha.

Anyway, I hope I'll update about my Malaysia trip really soon!!


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