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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

You know, my current obsession now is of course, Vampire Knight.
It's a whole series of vampire romance and fights. Super nice!!

I don't really watch Anime, but this is the first one I really like so much.
(Other than Sailormoon... When I was in K1 -_-)

THIS IS KANAME SENPAI! I think he's soooo sexy

The below two drawings are drawn by my cousin..
She gave it to me before I left Malaysia, and I had a hard time bringing it back to Singapore because the drawings got jammed at the stupid custom check!


There's another drawing of Kaname Senpai but it's only for my viewing pleasure.

Going to post the photos up for 313@Somerset soon!

My laptop is left with 1% of its battery life, so I'm going toupdate when it's full again!
(Or when I can move my ass off the bed and having enough energy to get to the power plug which is a meter away from me)

This was supposed to be posted at 6am in the morning, but my stupid laptop died and I ended up posting this at 1.12am!

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