PRCS shirt on sale? Haha

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Found something on Gumtree Singapore..
I was glancing through the website when I found someone selling their son's Pasir Ris Crest School Shirt!

I think it's pretty weird to see my secondary school's uniform up on sale in the internet.

So.... Whose gonna buy it?

Click here to see.


Getting further with my skincare regime..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I need it really badly, after a hell load of busy work today..

Didn't know cashiering is so tough, especially when you have a whole queue of people waiting for you to key in their orders. SO TOUGH!

My eyes are half drooping as I'm typing right now.. It's practically burning and I can just faint anytime right now. I didn't even take a nap this afternoon because after work, I went to Plaza Singapura with my colleague Samantha.

She bought a DMK sandal because they're having an offer now!!
I also sort of psychoed her into buying it because she didn't even buy anything at all..

I bought a eye mask, a pair of eyelashes (i already have 4 new and unused), camera tripod and a holder.

I'm SO tired..
Probably if I've got enough energy, I shall go and jog tomorrow. (Seriously, don't take my words because I'm 99% positive I will not wake up that early to move my limbs vigorously)


Shopping at 313 with Iris!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Okay, it was like a 2 hour shopping at Somerset@313 (Why must add 313?) with Iris and I was late................ As usual but let's s not talk about that, hehe.

It wasn't exactly the one I've been lusting for months, but rather, it was sort of a love at first sight thing.

The good thing is that it is a bit like heels.. just that it's probably 0.5 inches tall only -_-
I just like how my shoes go "click click click" when I'm walking okay! 

At first I told Iris I sort of regretted abit... When I got home, I walked in that pair of shoes again and I fell in love -- once again! 

The saddest thing is that... the figure in my bank account is getting lesser :'(

Anyway, we had a lot of fun at the Apple shop, especially when we were testing the Macbook webcam. It was so exciting can!! 
The camera has got special effects like pretending you're on a rollercoaster or something..

Mad funny!! 
We were laughing and taking photos that we didn't realise a group of people were standing a few metres away from us,  looking a little shocked. Okay whatever they  have got no life so prolly they're just envying how fun it can be to just use a Macbook that is on display..



My big pores :'(

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Okay, just in case you're wondering what I'm up to these few days..

To be honest, I'm not doing anything at all. Everytime after work, I'd be dead tired and all I want to do is to just lie down on my bed and sleep.. Talking about work, I'm a bit frustrated at something!

I was appointed to do the cashiering job but I screwed it up :(

Because there was this customer who kept on changing his orders! Despite me keying in his order, he will take a look at the menu again and say, "Okay, give me this. Forget about the previous one."

And I kept on changing until the whole system got error!! And I think my boss was a bit pissed off with me.. :(


Anyway, 2 days ago I went to Watsons to get some necessities.
I can say that Watsons is one of my favourite stores because they always have discount and there are so many pretty things to look at! Hehehehe :)

I bought a Biore pore pack too, because recently I've noticed that I've got BLACKHEADS!! I don't know where it came from, but IT'S DISGUSTING.

Looks pretty professional with the close lookup of the dirty yellowish greeny impurities..

I put it to test and I had to wet my nose and align the pore pack in place. 
When I peeled it off, the pain was excruciating! PAIN LIKE SHIT! (I thought I saw hair on it) 

Sadly, the blackheads still remain on my nose and my pores ARE ENLARGED NOW.

 To hell with pore tightening that it has stated on the cover.. Argh.
More like pore enlarging!!

Anyway, last weekend my daddy drove us to Queenstown Shopping Centre!

I spent $15 on a lot of small little accessories :)
I bought a pair of eyelashes, a pair of earrings and a really pretty and sweet beige flower hairclip!

Not only that, I also pierced my left ear!! It didn't hurt at all, even though it was quite near the bone because it was supposedly to be my third hole for my left ear..

Don't wanna take a picture of my ear because it's pretty camera shy. YES IT SAID SO.
A illustration will do the job! Hehe :)

I wasted my money on a bottle of lotion because the person was SO sure I could probably get an infection someday -_- I fell for her business trick during that moment! zzzz.

While I spent such a miserable amount at Queenstown shopper centre, my brother spent a whopping amount of $300++!!

Guess what he spent it on? Oh wait, he didn't even spent his own money. It was my father's money actually.

And my father just paid for it without hesitation or anything!!

Back then when I wanted to get a new handphone, he was SOOOO reluctant and took so many weeks to consider about it.. 

I pouted throughout the whole trip back home, then my father said, "Okay la, you want to buy what??"

"The bag at Queensway."
"How much?"
"Approximately 45."
"Okay lor."
"We're already at PIE then you say that!!"

 It's okay, I'm 17 (Fine, TURNING 17) and a few more years down to adulthood. Learn to be more self reliant and independent okay!!

When we got back, my brother immediately installed the Wii and my father and him spent the whole night playing it..

I'm positive that a few years later, this machine will end up at the back of the storage room, with thick layers of dust and probably some algae on the remote control..


 I have a sudden craving for Eu Yan Sang's herbal jelly.. Yummy :P 

I only get to eat it when I was down with fever and cough! Mummy went to Bugis and bought it for me because it's cooling and good for health.
If I ain't sick, this is probably what she'd shoot at me with if I were to tell her I want to eat that, 

"Earning your own money what, go buy yourself la!"




Saturday, March 20, 2010

Singtel internet really sucks to the core I tell you!!

It'll keep losing connection a few minutes later which will affect my mood to blog.
On so many occasions, I logged into my blogger account then when I pressed "New Post", it'll lose connection!

So that's why I haven't been updating lately..

I'm still having a damn cough after my recovery, but it's getting a lot better la..
I HATE TO BE SICK. Okay half-joking. I liked it pretty much actually. Because it gives me an excuse to not eat too much food then I can lose weight!! :X

I've finally reached my goal.. Initially, it was to save up to $170 but it's way a lot more than that figure now. FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED. *beams*

Anyway, I'll not be updating any LONG post at the moment, so I'll just share with you guys what I'm currently lusting after... Hehehe :)


It's something to do with words and art, and when combined, they ARE really beautiful :)

So pretty right!!

I like the last photo, because it uses words that describe our lives to form the girl.. Like "Credit cards, affection, computer, etc.."

Must have taken them ages to complete these beautiful artworks..


Falling sick at this time..? Argh

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hi, I'm now lying on my bed and blogging using my notebook, because I CAN'T GET UP.

Fever, sore throat, running nose, backaches.. Every part of my body hurts..
I've been hardly moving my limbs for 2 days (Okay I sound as if I'm paralysed) because sitting up on my bed is already a chore for me!!

Today I've slept more than 10 freaking hours, because everytime I finish my meal(on my bed hehe), I'll just doze off..


The meals are like just a piece of bread or simply a packet of fan choy.

At this rate, I don't think I can blog any "super-energy-consuming" blog entries at the moment, until I've fully recovered..

Right now, I'm super sleepy because I just ate half a packet of instant noodles.. Really really sleepy... Zzzzzzz..

*Tries to lift up finger to type the next sentence*


Quick glance

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Updating Jessie's 18th birthday soon!!

I feel so young beside her, hehehehe!



When you thought it was supposed to be that way

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sometimes I feel that as a girl at my age right now, I'm quite naive when it comes to a lot of things. Let's say it applies to almost every aspect of my life. I believe in the silliest thing, knowing that I'll probably be in for a huge disappointment. Why?

Why can't we be like ourselves like yesterday?
We can just entrust our lives to one another, trust our deepest, darkest secrets to one another.

It's no doubt people will change. I'm no exception either.

But I still want to be myself.
The future holds a lot of uncertainty.. It's dark and cold.. But someone true will be waiting at the end of the dark tunnel, shining a light through the difficult path and aiding you throughout your journey.


Tons of yummy updates

Thursday, March 04, 2010


A more o-b-v-i-o-u-s colour compared to the previous one (which seem like I never dye at all)
Anyway, that was like last week, and it was a sudden decision 'cos I went to Watsons to get some necessities. I dyed it myself okay!!

It was super messy and the recommended time to leave the dye on was 20 minutes, but I put it for 1 hour so my hair can absorb more colour, HAHA!

I spent $95 within 2 days last week, so for this week I'm going to practice my saving skills - I'm going to save to $170 within 2 weeks!!

*Fingers crossed*


Yesterday, when I turned on the television, I couldn't watch any of my Hongkong shows anymore!!!
Walao, my father didn't subscribe to the Starhub TV for this month.

"All of your handphone bills are super high last month, (referring to my mother too, HAHA) NO MORE STARHUB TV THIS MONTH. If you want, you pay yourself." (He was hinting to me -_-)
Thank goodness there's something called the internet.


Fine, I cooked the spaghetti while my mother insisted on cooking the rest of the ingredients.. Whateverrr. In the end she cooked everything lor.. Well, what's important is the final outcome right?

It tasted super heavenlyyy and it's so much better than Jack's Place pastas!! (I HATE THEIR MUSHROOM SPAGHETTI and I think it isn't edible for humans)
I ate 3 plates of it!


My Chinese New Year trip to Malaysia was an awesome one! We could practically see fireworks everyday from my grandma's restaurant, and lion dance around the streets.

The damn policemen will go around (feeling a little jealous to see us happily celebrating the festival) and just come up with some stupid excuses, "You're making too much noise, fine RM 50."

What a wet blanket.

There's lots of photos I want to post up, including my aunt's brand new shop - Nice Desserts Cafe!

On the eve of Chinese new year, we headed to Ipoh in Malaysia to surprise our relative!!!
My father wasn't too familiar with the way so he relied on his talking GPS.

I was wondering how can a gadget do so much?
But I was proved wrong..

I was really bored in the car so I had Cleo to accompany me! And ya.. My camera, hehehe.

On the highway..

Reaching soon!!

Okay, we're inside Ipoh already!

My brother and I came out of the car and we sneaked in by the kitchen.
I screamed very loudly and my uncle and cousin jumped!

HAHA, they were so surprised to see my brother and me.
My grandmother just stared at us for a few second because she said she wanted sometime to see if it was really us.. :)

So happy to see En En! I get to spend my CNY with her :)

My uncle has put in countless of efforts to put up the decorations for the restaurant :)


Next stop was my Aunt's shop.
She thought that my brother and I came back alone because of some problems -_-
Well, as if we could travel overseas on our own.

I like the decoration of her new shop!!

The signboard is so pretttty!!!!
I made this ice cream, on my own!!


I can't believe my aunt also included some Japanese inspired deco into her cafe, so pretty!!
Serving Griffiths Coffee directly imported from Australia!

Since my aunt's shop is conveniently located in a shopping mall, I spent the entire day browsing through shops and I bought a pair of pretty fake eyelashes, a jacket and a top!

The vendors were super friendly, when I patronize them they'd go, "Hi, your aunt has a cafe at the first floor right? I can give you discount!"

Oh ya, something I don't understand about Malaysians:
My aunt held a free sampling day - from ice cream to ice blended drinks -- TOTALLY FREE.

I tried to advertise to some of the passerbys but they actually refused -_-
Look at Singapore Ben and Jerry's queue when they were giving out free cones.. A totally contradictory from Malaysia!

After that, we went back to my grandma's restaurant and we had yu sheng :)

Chinese new year!

My cousin treated me to a doggy cookie!
It's so cute can!!! It's vanilla and taste quite edible. (Actually, it taste pretty bad)

Okay, since it was Chinese New Year, I must have something different to wear isn't it?


My brother was wearing this chinese new year outfit, we look so cuteeee

Had our Chinese New Year lunch at Joseph Cafe and Bistro!
The food is f-king expensive, but the portion is humongous.


Even my father can't finish it, for goodness sake!

This is heavenly.. Caramel cuppucino!

Actually the photo looked really bad (thanks to my father's photography skill) so I edited it..
I think it looks quite vintage now!

Gorgeous flowers to suit the ambience of the cafe

My Fish and Chips is super huge.. I almost vomited after eating everything :S

Rendang Chicken

I like their toilet.
They put nice smelling flowers inside this pretty bowl, and after doing your business you can stand up and camwhore too! Hehehe :x

En En doing her infamous "twist"~

"Don't you dare hit me..."



This sumptuous feast was specially cooked by my uncle and grandmother.
It's once in a year, so the food has gotta be DELICIOUS!

Oh, and the next one is not included in the dishes of course...



I used the toothpick and poke its stomach.. But in the first place it was already dead!

"Give me a cute cute pose"

Back to my aunt's shop :)

The sofa is not ours, it was actually for sale but who cares?

My aunt specially ordered a box of fireworks and around 12am, we set fire and the fireworks were incredible!!

Just right above us..

I miss the fireworks.. :(
And also, it attracted a lot of attention, not to forget the damn policemen too.

The next day, we left Malaysia and headed back to Singapore :(

Yup, I've been holding this post back for 3 days already, and these 3 days I've been using my spare time to upload the photos and trying to whip up a decent post.

LOVE!! :)

A photo from 10 minutes ago:

Jessie's birthday is next Monday! :D

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