Healthy Sunday

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Update 8pm:

Every weekend when I'm free/bored at home, I'll hop on the bus to Whitesands to buy my favourite drink of all time - Soya milk with barley!!

Among all the Jollibean I've been to, only the outlet at Whitesands have the barley grain thingy..

If you're wondering what on earth is the barley grain thinggy I'm talking about, take a good look:

Just ask the auntie you want 薏米 (Barley grain thinggy) with soya milk, and be prepared to have the healthiest and most delicious drink in the whole world!!

They'll just charge you 30cents more for the 薏米, but it's totally worth your every cent :)

Fresh cold soya milk with munchy 薏米 on a hot Sunday afternoon..
Life never felt that good!

Since I was at Whitesands, I headed to Watsons at basement level and bought Palmer's skin therapy oil. It's a cocoa butter formulated oil with Vitamin E to treat scars..

Just in case you've noticed, I've stopped wearing skirts/shorts!!! I've got a lot of discoloured scars from mosquito bites on the back of my leg..

Feel so irritated.. Why do mosquitoes even exist?!
They are such a hindrance and nuisance to the society and sometimes, they even spread deadly virus around like dengue fever shitz wth!

Ugly and small and looks like some stupid stick shit that buzz around and irritate living things!!!! Can't even do anything GOOD for the society at all..

Their body parts cannot be served as anything useful to the human species, nor do they provide food to us except for the froggys and lizards. Basically, they are just simply useless shit that go around sucking blood. THEY THINK THEY ARE EDWARD CULLEN OR WHAT!!

Now what?
I can't wear skirts damn it!!

Me: Shit la now I got so many scars on my leg I cannot get married already!! *whines*
Mother: -_-

I promise I will be very diligent in applying it daily on my scars (more diligent than studying for my O levels last year okay), just make it do miracles to my leg!!

I wanna wear my skirt again leh..


Just to spice up your boring Sunday afternoon, this is a translation of Ke$ha's Tik Tok done by this curly hair girl who calls herself Glozell.
She'll go through the song lyrics and figure out what Ke$ha's trying to say behind the song, Tik Tok. SUPER FUNNY!!

Reminds me of some comedian..

There's this part I like a lot!!

In the first part of the song, Tik Tok, Ke$ha will sing, "Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy."

Glozell: So... she wakes up feeling like a black man??

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