The feeling you get

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When you try to occupy yourself with many things, but somehow he will just keep appearing on your mind..

When you glance through the crowd, the first person you see is him..

When you pretend you don't give a damn, but you wished he did..

When you reminisce how fulfilled your life was, but somehow everything seem kinda empty..

When you know he won't be there anymore..

When you feel so attached to him..

Hmmmm, I still love my Raymond Lam Fung the most!!

Hehehehehe :)

While others are still irrevocably in love with that skinny vampire Edward Cullen, I'm irrevocably in love with my Hongkong Lam Fung :)


Partyyy @ Malaysia

Monday, June 28, 2010

I know it's been REALLY long since I actually logged into my blogger account. Just so you know, I'm in Malaysia right now and I'm going to catch the coach tonight so I can make it in time for school tomorrow!

So many things happened over the past few weeks, and it's impossible to summarize them all into a short paragraph.. Well, I shall talk about the awesome one..

My aunt registered my brother and I for this competition and we had to do 12 poses and catwalk on the stage!!

My brother's theme was spring and mine was winter so we had to dress up according to the season we had. I TOOK 4 HOURS TO DECIDE ON THE DAMN OUTFIT!

My relatives practiced the catwalk with me the night before, and by the time I finished practicing the catwalk, I was already perspiring -_-

The make up artists from Xienna were quite professional..

They had really dramatic makeup on their faces and one of them had the longest and prettiest false eyelashes I've ever seennnnnn L It was quite similar to butterfly wings but a prettier version!


Anyway, I think I screwed up the entire show because the way I walked was freaking terribleee. Not to mention, the 12 poses.

Some girls were really good, WHILE SOME ACTUALLY stripped down to their bras and shorts only during the catwalk. What the shit can?! This is not a striptease please. You don't strip in front of your parents and in front of other parents. And for autumn, you don't dress black from head to toe and wear a vest over your bra -_-

In the end, my brother won an excellent award, while I got the Cutest award. I don't know why but I found it quite ridiculous because there was NO WAY I could have won, but oh well -_-

My makeup is quite dramatic but I think it looks kinda nice too, hehehehe


I shall blog another time again!

For now, I shall post some camwhoring photossssssssssssss!

I wanted to blog this during the June Holidays, but the internet connection sucked so much that I gave up. For your information, MY BLOG IS NOT DEAD YET.

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