Bye 2010!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 has been a both good and bad year for me :)

I'll never look back at 2010, ever again, but I feel that it's been a year I've actually met a lot of interesting people along the way. It has been a year whereby reality really sinks in, and I've gotten to encounter different people. But I really thank god for a few of them, because I've learn from my mistake and to really open my eyes to see people clearly ;) especially people who can twist their words so well and the best thing, blame people for everything except for themselves, seriously I really take my hat off to that kind of people. hahah. Indeed a first time for me. Then again, I also really love friends who genuinely love me for who I am and has stood by me :) heheh

The first day of 2011, I spend it with the best people of my life! :)

So yeah, to hell with 2010, and welcome a joyful 2011!
OH YEAH, no more distraction in my life for 2011 please. though it's hard but it's attainable okay!! ;)

Next Saturday is jiale's birthday, can't wait!! :)

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