The June Holiday in Msia :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

It's been so long since I blogged...
It's not that I'm declaring this blog dead or whatsoever, but rather, I'm really busy and I'd really want to spend my time settling other stuffs rather than just spend my free time blogging..

Sighhhhhhhhh I hate school la.
It wasn't like this last time, I'd have ample time to blog and laze around on my bed on a Sunday afternoon.. but now, I don't know why the hell I have to take up a job and make my own life so damn miserable and busy.

Sianz...... I miss Malaysia a little bit but I MISSSSS my holidays the most!! :(
Wah lao so carefree and fun-filled.. Now is project-filled. FMLLLLLLL zzzzz!

Well, I'm gonna post up photos that I took in Malaysia~
Gotta say that my aunt's cafe's drinks and snacks are definitely the best.. Not being biased, but it's soooooooooo good that we always have got regular customers coming back for more!

Their coffee beans are Griffith's which is imported directly from Australia :)

 Chocolate ice-blended (Y)

 Super delicious spaghetti ever!! It's kinda different from Singapore's cos the sauce is specially made using my aunt's secret recipe!

 Looks like a Japanese cafe right? Hehehe :)

Okay this ice-cream looks pretty crap here BUT IT WAS MY FIRST TIME DOING THE SWIRL SHIT! aiya the taste good can le!

 The authentic Ipoh Hor Fun from the city of Perak!! :) This is absolutely the REAL and AUTHENTIC ipoh hor fun okay.. Almost all of the TVB hongkong artistes have came here to eat their original Ipoh hor fun. INCLUDING MY BOYFRIEND, RAYMOND LAM!

Damn sad when I saw his picture on the wall.. Why can't he come on that night when I was there?! :'(

Anyway I really liked this Malaysia trip this June holiday, because we went to Cameron Highlands for the very first time, despite the fact that I've been going to Malaysia for 18 years! HAHA.


 See the boxes? Inside are contained with honey pots so you can see bees flying around it :-)

 It is pretty scary to walk past these boxes because all the bees are flying around.. and one of the bees was buzzing in my ears! Arghhh

 So I suppose if we get stung and die nobody's gonna be responsible?
Just gotta pray hard that we don't smell like honey and attract all the bees :S

The figurines are so cute but in real life.... :S Hahah!

My brother was acting like a damn wimp.. Zzz I called him to take a picture of me BUT he was so scared that the bees would sting him or whatever shit la. Haiz......

 Can you see the bees? ;)

 Apart from the bees, the flowers were very bright coloured and beautiful!! The garden looks like any fantasy princessey world~ except for the bees of course. Hahahah

Next stop, we went to my aunt's "chauffeur"'s aunt's flower farm.
It was huge, with many different varieties of plants.. They even grew strawberries and made strawberry jams out of freshly picked strawberries :)

 I don't know what the hell a fighting rooster is doing at a flower farm, so yeah..
Looks quite cute! But it grew kinda aggressive when we walked towards it~

 Strawberry Strawberry~

Looks so yummy and tempting!! ;)

Okay la zilian abit... ugly and fat yes I know ):

My aunt buying the strawberry greentea for me :) heheh~

Slippers, bathroom towels, pens, erasers, fans, bags, clothes, hair clips, aprons, and many other more..
Seriously it's really like a strawberry heaven for strawberry lovers. Hahah~

The strawberry pens really caught my attention. They were so fluffy and cute! But it was freaking expensive as it was more catered to tourists. I tried asking if it could be lowered but she kept on insisting no.. Somemore don't even dare to look at me in the eye when she said the price.

Stupid arsewipe I can just get some stupid pen and stick some dumbass strawberry on it la and sell for $10 right! Somemore the quality looked like shiat made in China or something. Argh! 


I was freezing like mad even though I was wearing jeans and two layers of clothes.. Luckily I didn't wear shorts there. I was thinking of wearing shorts as we'd be visiting farms and all, but thankfully I didn't!!!

No wonder the hotel rates are so cheap over there. They don't have to pay for aircon electricity consumption and all!

Some random pictures~~~~

Most of the food outlets there are charcoal steamboat, but one of the residents over there recommended us to the organic charcoal steamboat. It was soooooooo damn good! The soup and the food was so delicious!

The area was kinda inside though, so only the people who are living there knew about that shop :( 

 Yes, as seen on my cousin's expression at the back, we were kinda fascinated by the size of the pot because it was really unique and not to mention, HUGE.
Looked really traditional though, but the food is really awesome!


And yup.. One of the best meals in my life! HAHAH.

After that, we headed back to Ipoh after a long day at Cameron Highlands..
Wanted to go Mossy Forest but my aunt's chauffeur didn't know how to go there...... so my brother, my cousin and I spent the entire car trip laughing over my aunt's chauffeur bald head instead! I know I know it's really mean but he is SO IRRITATING. ZZZ, long story.

SO YUP, I really had a good time in Malaysia.
It's totally different from Singapore because in Singapore, our life are pretty organised and long ahead planned out by the government whereas in other parts of the world, you really get to witness and be exposed to different environments and places. It really helps to change your perspectives and thinking.

You will really cherish and appreciate what you have when you see what other people in other countries are going through.

If not my tutor is gonna give the..... weird eye looking shit again -_-

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